Now that insulated wood requires oil, resin and dry wood...can we get Improved Carpenters Bench?

Cuz it now requires 3 slots to create a stack of insulated wood in the already cramped space of a Carpenter’s Bench…

This requires a disproportionate amount of micromanagement compared to other crafting stations.

Might I suggest the implementation of an improved carpenter bench?

If the reason there is no Improved Carpenter’s bench is to make insulated wood act as a throttle towards repairs in a war of attrition in PvP, then …well… frak. Thx again PvP.


Agreed. We just had a long discussion about this on our server.

At least give drywood and oil a stack of 200 in stead of 100.
Or better yet 500 or 1000 for all 3 components.


I support the OP’s suggestion.