Materials cost more?

Game mode: all
Problem: material costs increased with update
Region: NA

So after testing crafters and benches, I noticed that some stuff costs more materials. Use a tanner bench, the cost of twine is 3 fiber, regardless of having a crafter in it. The gold bikini? Costs 3 gold bars for one piece. Tf? And I got the smelter that’s suppose to lessen material cost, but it’s no change. Are these intentional changes?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. Use a workbench
  3. No change to cost or materials

I think in general the cost of most things has increased. But to help clarify, the new change basically means the better the bench the lesser the cost. So for example now using carpenters bench a ‘shaped wood’ costs 10 wood, but on improved carpenters bench it costs 7 wood. There are also two New furnances to unlock, one that reduces the cost of things, the other new furnance reducing the time of crafting… You have similar new ones for Blacksmithing.

Hope that helps a little

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Also, several of the new crafting stations have specializations. For example, there’s a new feat called Grandmaster Carpenter, which unlocks two new types of carpenter’s bench: trade carpenter’s bench (crafting costs more but gets done faster), and precision carpenter’s bench (crafting costs less but gets done slower).

Yes, I’m aware. I was saying that the heat efficient furnace had no change to materials. If it’s suppose to cost less, 10 stone shouldn’t be equal to 1 brick like the normal furnace. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding what it’s purpose even is? For the effort to make it and the space it takes up, I should be seeing more than just a faster smelting time. If I am misunderstanding it, what does it mean by “less base materials?”

You are, but that’s because the furnaces have confusing descriptions. They all use the same materials for their products, the differences are in the crafting speed and in the fuel usage. So the heat-efficient furnace will use more fuel but craft faster, and the fuel-efficient furnace will use less fuel but craft slower.

Here’s a post from another thread that breaks down the numbers:

Note that the post in question is from November 2020, so the numbers might have been tweaked further since then. You can check the wiki for the up-to-date furnace comparison.

I still think kilns are the overall best choice, but that’s my own personal preference :slight_smile:

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Well sh**. So what’s even the purpose? I can squeeze in 4 kilns like I had before and be just fine splitting up the materials. There really should be an option to lessen the actual materials to make the new furnaces more viable. Two thumbs down for giant furnaces!

The new furnaces cook up the stones and bricks much faster than having kilns. Plus it’s just using one smelter instead of four. My grief right now with the new stuff is they do not like being near walls or anything. Their land claim spaces make them push out from walls or anything else like a good two inches. And they take up so much room but love the look of them. And all new and some old do not go on triangle foundations. It’s like they don’t recognize them as foundations. So at the moment I have to make square buildings to make the game happy.


Well, Kiln’s are a rare find end-game recipe.
Anyone can make the new furnaces, if they’re high enough level.

Heck, my Isle of Siptah character can’t even make a Kiln yet as I’ve never found the recipe. I had to trade for one.

The Kiln’s should be the best all-round furnace you can use.

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Totally agree.
Kilns are getting useless.
Same for purge armorers, no point of getting a purge armorer when everyone can makes redeemed.
No point to get a blacksmith, now everyone can make steel reinforcements with the special recipe.

The purge was something to look forward to, to get the extra advantage by playing alot and getting lucky with the purges…

Same for all the thralls that gave special armor.

Everyone can make freebooter and darfari now.

So far the reptialian armor was a special one created by the volcano armorer, meanwhile the reptilian doesnt show in any of the benches so far. :man_shrugging:

Hell no, they aren’t :smiley:

You can probably fit 4 kilns onto the surface area of just one of the new furnaces. Not to mention that they’re also the most vertically compact of all the smelting stations. If I want to place a fuel-efficient furnace inside my base, I have to provide the vertical clearance of at least 4 blocks.

I’ll take kilns over other furnaces every single time.


Another thing I won’t say I dislike but frustrated with is, why does it take so long to create a new item. I mean, I run around to collect all the materials and most times I just take a stack of each from my benches (because separating them is a pain to get exact numbers of said materials) and then click the build button which means I cannot really move around because I am encumbered and am usually in my base. But I have time to basically vacuum the grass outside before said new item is created. And with new furnaces which I like and makes me change the look of my base to fit them in which I also like because I have to be creative, I get to smelt metals and bricks and hardened bricks at a much faster pace but I have to wait basically overnight to let my blacksmiths make iron reinforcements and steel reinforcements (or as I call them Ingots and Stingots) not sure why they made them be crafted at a slower pace, and carpenters for woodworking… oh where shall we begin lol. Dry the wood, get resin, make insulated wood because everything takes that now and my named thralls craft them at a slow pace. Oh wait, I need oil, better check my fish traps… what’s this, I forgot to put bugs in it so now I have to wait even more? (yes I am aware you can make oil with alchemists) - fishing tip, leave at least 1 fish in each trap (doesn’t matter what fish) and they produce fish like they used to or put 1 bug in each empty trap to start the producing process.

But alas, this update is still fresh and I haven’t even come close to finding everything and I have been playing around with attribute points and armour/weapons to find a decent balance for game play.

Cheers and good luck exiles,

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i can craft over 4,5k bricks with around 160-170 coal… makes fuel efficient so u have not the need to harvest it all the time… kiln is a good solution and keep in mind that what benefits each is what each should use

Agreed… after learning how misleading the descriptions are, kilns still seem to be the best solution. I’m keeping the one I crafted since it’s fast and I’m not gonna waste it though. I’ve been using coal, but will likely switch to dry wood and see if it’s any better.

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