The Heat-Efficient Furnace Does Not Give Reduced Costs

After making the furnace and really looking forward to finally seeing a decent ratio from Ironstone to steel I was really disappointed, but not surprised, to see that there was no ratio difference what so ever other than the fuel being used at four times the rate it normally does.

Was hoping that it was going to be something like:

1 Ironstone - 1 Iron
3 Iron / 1 Steelfire - 1 steel

Why bother with the description saying that there is reduced waste of base materials when all it does is use more fuel and craft a bit faster?

Surely it should be called the ‘Non Fuel-Efficient Furnace That Crafts A Bit Faster’?


I thought the different between the two is one is faster(save time) and the other last longer on less fuel?

in the dicscription it actually says “reduce the cost of base materials”. i am dissapointed to, but more about the stone to brick prozess. i have enough iron/steel.

little tip: if you are making steelbars only for the steel reinforcemnt (building t3) you should use the recipe in the blacksmith bench, making 1 steel reinforcement out of one iron reinforcement and a steelfire. takes quite long to build but much cheaper

That was another disappointment, still 1000 stone for 100 bricks, 10 to 1 ratio, not sure what is going on really as regards these new workbenches, they really don’t seem to have been tested as working, like the new blacksmith and armourer types, they are not working either, I will make a post about them later as well.

Thanks for the tip but I am filling a chest of steel bars to craft into hardened steel, that’s 200000 iron bars which needs 400000 ironstone, that’s why I was hoping the new furnace was going to do what it said in the description.

Well in fairness, its a lot faster but much less efficient. The “material” savings to me is my time…

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Time saved in the crafting yes but that time is lost when you consider the time used to stock up for the fuel usage, -77% …

Yet another issue that will never be fixed, I will go back to using the kiln, half the size but has 20 more storage, very few of the new changes actually work, temperature on armor, blacksmith and armor thrall changes to name a few.


Please submit your bug report on the correct thread and with the provided template so we can assist you.

Once you start a new post on any of those categories the template will show. Make sure to fill in all the information requested.

Thanks in advance.

The kiln is a good option of course, but think about someone new to a server who needs to build fast. The kiln isnt guaranteed so if someone doesnt have it and needs a base asap, the heat efficient furnace is a great option.

Basically the heat-efficient Furnace consume less fuel so turning 10000 stones into 1000 bricks will consume less oil ( or whatever fuel you use ) than if you use the other one , but the time spent will be much longer to transform the stones into bricks . While time spent isn’t so much a problem in pve and pve-c servers , solo and pvp need fast production , the solo because , leaving the game means the production stops untill you play again ( or else you need to stay AFK in game ) , and the pvp players because of the pvp risk of losing your base and everything if you are spotted ect …

For the Blacksmiths and armorers thralls , I don’t understand your " very few of the new chages actually work" , they let you much more granularity in the gear you craft , from damage , armor pen and durability for weapons and weight , armor and durabitliy for armors … which means you can craft heavy armors with so much weight reduction ( if you put both kit and armorer T4 that reduces weight ) that it weight almost as much as a light armor … So I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work !

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