Basic Furnace and news Furnace

Hello All,

I have some questions about the news furnaces, in particular about “Heat Efficient Furnace”

In the description it’s indicated “A furnace designed to reduce the waste of base of materials”

I made a quick experiment from iron stone to Iron barre ton Steel between this furnace and the new furnace.

Type of Furnace / Ironstone / Iron barre - Time / Steel - Time
Heat Efficient Furnace / 100 / 50 - 1’45 / 10 - 10s
Basic Furnace / 100 / 50 - 8’30 / 10 - 2’30

Ok it goes faster but where is the gain due the wast reducing ? I didnt 'understand ^^

Does somebody have a response ?


I think you need to compare to the other T3 furnaces, to see the differences in waste. I believe the T1 (basic) is considered the least efficient and slowest of all, so all of the T3 furnaces will out perform it.

I think you could just call this a bad use of words. The heat efficiency furnace will convert your material faster, and use the same amount of fuel as the lower tiered furnaces. The other T3 furnace (cant recall the name I havent smelted in a while) takes longer then the Heat efficiency furnace, but uses less fuel.

So your choices on the T3 furnaces are:

  1. Speed at fuel cost
  2. Fuel savings but time lost

And FYI the furnace with the large chimney is as slow as hell.
The other one is so much faster, so unless you are totally deficient in gathering coal or making dry wood, use the fast one.

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the fuel consumption is what changes … so the trade off is speed vs fuel consumption… despite not remembering the name atm in the one that has the long caminade burns a lot less coal than the others at tradeoff of speed.

so what u need to compare is the efficiency in fuel consumed between furnaces…
there are 5 in this game.

check this link to see em all…

the fuel efficient one is the one i prefer , but i believe that kiln is the best of all , by having the best overall balance

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If you have access to coal, you can make around 10k hardened brick using about 400 coal or less with heat efficient furnace in about 30 minutes. If you don’t, use dryers to dry wood and use it.
If you completely don’t care about speed, use the fuel efficient furnace, log out, and log in 24 hours later for the same result. (you don’t have to go farm two nodes of coal)
2021-03-03 17_56_05-ConanSandbox (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)
Nothing else comes close to the speed of it. Two of these furnaces take up about a 2x 6 area of your base.

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Just get kilns. Seriously, they give the best bang for buck. They have the smallest footprint and the second best fuel efficiency. Or at least, they used to in November, I don’t know if they fiddled with them since:


i go with the fuel efficient ones (the long caminades stuff…) needs less than 150 coal to craft 4k bricks

slow and steady… making coal a one run for each couple of months XD

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