Heat Efficient Furnace

What is this thing actually good for? The description suggests it “wastes less base materials” but in my testing it did nothing of the sort?

It’s faster, sure, but that’s not exactly wasting less materials.

I haven’t used it but if it does indeed crank out products faster, then you are getting more products per unit of fuel. Which means you are wasting less fuel?

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That would make more sense if its counterpart wasn’t called “fuel efficient furnace”.

Yeah indeed. Just looked at that one. Seems redundant.

First one should take less stones to make brick. (example)
Second should take less fuel …

You’d think so, but that’s not the case.

So, fuel efficient is supposed to be slow but the fuel lasts looooooong, and heat efficient is supposed to be faster but goes through the fuel faster than Takeru Kobayashi through hot dogs.

I’m guessing the heat efficient one isn’t doing what it says on the tin?

So was just tinkering around with both types and did a little math. Fuel used was coal and product was iron bars from iron ore.

Heat Efficient Furnace:
0.057143 fuel per second
0.25 product per second
4.375 product per unit fuel

Fuel Efficient Furnace:
0.014286 fuel per second
0.1 product per second
7.0 product per unit fuel

So basically Fuel efficient means you get more product per unit of fuel.

Heat efficient you get more product per unit time. Best to think of Heat efficient as Time efficient.

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That matches my experience pretty well, and if that is indeed all the difference there is, then fair enough (I had hoped for better efficiency on steel). In any case the description is still misleading though.

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