New crafting stations (Testlive) base size footprint

When you’re done with your base layout but then you need space for the new crafting stations…


Lets hope FC makes them smaller… It makes no flipin sense, to make them this huge. For what reasons? Make the server faster filled with bigger bases, to lower FPS even more? Makes no sense.

They look nice though! But still way to big.

I disagree

Why not?

Because it’s a balance parameter on PvP servers (or so I’m told) to have the smallest possible base. Therefore it’s up to you whether you want to use the smaller (but less efficient) crafting stations that currently exist, or the newer ones that are optimized for either speed or material/fuel efficiency, but take up more space.

The goal - as I understand it - is to minimize the amounf of “factories” where people build 20 of each crafting station type. Or not, as it’s now up to people to decide what their particular preferences dictate. IE it’s a meaningful choice, not a “you-MUST-upgrade-to-this”.

They sure do!

Well you’re entitled to your opinion of course, though I think they look amazing, and am intrigued to figure out how to incorporate them into my base.


Looking at waks videos, that goal was no where reached :smiley:

Its even worse now, because you will still build a big amount of the precision ones, because there you have half ressource, but not being faster at all.
Build >2 precision, instead of the one which makes it faster. Its all about resources…

So the bases will get even bigger, which will make the performance even worse.

The PvE server I play on, was always played by quite some players. But as one of the oldest clan stopped playing, some other guy got all their stuff. This guy makes HUMONGOUS bases all over the map (mostly next to my outposts - which are 6x6 foundations with a maproom on top).

Since then the performance on the server is so garbage, I dont want to play anymore… Its ridicolous. I also now understand players, who want to limit foundations and that stuff.
Every of his bases are bigger than my mainbase and he has >8 of them.

I dont see this new changes benefiting the performance at all… Its the exact opposite of it. FC balancing in a nutshell.
Foundations are bad for performance -> bigger footprint of stations -> more foundations.

Also I dont see, why people will not build “factories”. It will be factories of precision benches, to get resource reduction.

That may well be the result - I just remember them saying that this was what they intended. Then again I also seem to remember that being in connection with having to level up crafting stations (somewhat like altars/temples), ie you’d not be able to just BUILD the upgraded ones, and that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

So who knows.

I don’t think this will do much to help OR hinder the overzealous megacity builders - they’d do their thing with the basic furnace OR with the new ones.

To be fair, not all of the new ones are humongous, either. The alchemy one seems the largest by far, some of the others are similar-ish to the existing ones (bigger, but not hugely so).

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This is just more wasteful fluff. It will create more problems than it fixes. The only issue people had was sorting their own crafting menu in their character inventory screen. It serves no purpose other than to give RPers something pretty to look at.

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You need to watch the live stream. There is a reason for it and it is to make space part of the economy.

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I pretty much gave up on this game now. Don’t care to watch them wreck this game anymore.


Even if this was true, I’d be fine with it. RPers are players, just like everyone else.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of this solution to help with crafting menu clutter (which has become a serious problem), especially since this requires me to redesign many of my bases to accommodate the bigger workstations. But it’s still a bit unfair to label this update as “RPer” update.


Ha! I have been up on that building!
(it’s in Singapore if anyone wonders)


Isn’t that a good thing? Something new to work out? That’s how I see it anyhow.

How is more and larger crafting stations going to reduce the lag they just tried to reduce in the same patch by reducing the need for so many fish traps >.>

When I first saw this patch before I read it I was like GREAT FINALLY! Ways to trade with other players like pippi but added into the actual game cos “economy” trading ya know then started reading and was like oh they mean economize! Like reduce the crafting stations sizes so there is less lag and we dont have to build bigger bases! Great! Cos the game is already laggy AF! Then continued reading and was like ohh… Guess not >.>

On the bright side we got bug fixes! I assume anyway cos they said that the witch queen, and the underwater bugged bosses would be fixed. Ya know cos fighting and bosses in this game are pretty important to PVE… The broken coding that was ddos’ing servers was also supposed to be fixed in this update too…

I would check but the server I play on is modded so its probably gonna be down for a week xD

The idea is that there will be fewer - whether that’ll work I cannot say.

They only mentioned PVP on the stream but I can 110% tell you now how it’s gonna go on PVE :sweat_smile:

And you even know it that’s why you posted this “you need space for the new crafting stations” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry :slight_smile: I’m just annoyed cos I personally want bug fixes not fancy new stations. I originally played over a year ago and have racked up close to 1.5k hours since then, took a bit of a break and came back recently like what the poop happened xD I don’t mean to sound like I’m personally attacking you or anything, aimed at funcom!

Btw if you do build that in Conan, I need to see it! :scream:

Did your coaster/napkin blow away every time you picked up your drink? :wink:

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