New crafting stations are useless

Maybe they would be ok if you could build a building large enough to place them in ! but that is currently not possible due to building restrictions ,Tiny rooms and massiv benches ??? Hardly well thought out !

Adapt and survive. Kinda the name of this game.

We added new section to the base, and spread the big ones around the buildings. The only one I had to rasie the roof for was the tall furnace. So I put it in the basement (love subterranean building).
We build ALL of our buildings 2 walls high. Everything fit, except the furnace, which I found a way to stuff it inside.

haha holy snaps. what is this FOV

Wait, what building restrictions?

Possibly a private server, they are famous for their 6x6 only restrictions. I tried one and got so tired of getting messages that I had build bigger and higher than allowed I just went back to officials.

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I mean it means you can’t live like a cockroach in a 3x3 anymore its a nice change.

You can still build the smaller benches

I disagree o_O … I love the new benches. The downside is size, but the upside is really nice: Way less purge thrall grinding.

Edit: But I’m playing on a new server … and just got to lvl 51 and have only seen improved benches … with a lvl3 blacksmith I already can create steel reinforcments from iron reinforcements (+ steelfire). So: I’m happy so far :D.

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Same, I have played since EA1 CE, but I do love the new workstations. The speed of some of them are amazing, and much better than the old improved with a t4 thrall. The footprint is more top to bottom vs side to side. You can still build small but have to build higher. Building an 8 x 8 with three levels I managed to get every single workstation (new and old improved) in it.


ANSEL right alt F12
It has all kinds of fun settings, I happen to like fisheye

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Yeah Nvidia Ansel is a great tool, just a shame that it is disabled on official servers :slight_smile:

I wish there was building restrictions.
The room size, where you place your stations and how you protect them depends on you; perhaps you need to explore a bit more the building possibilities.
The only ones that got really affected by the size of the benches were those who had their crafting spaces ready and felt as if they had to destroy their bases to place new stations and waste some of their stored resources…

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