Improved Tanner's Bench too big!

Why is this bench so massive? It changes a bench that’s 1x0.5 into one that’s almost 2x2. Way too big, why?! Same for the Dismantling bench! It’s so huge!


Have you seen the Trade Alchemist “Bench”.
It’s an entire clucking room.

This one wants to make a snark about this being an effort to cause people to run afoul of the build spam rules…
But that’s not true.
They made some very interesting (often quite good) looking or developed benches. Because they are upgrades, it was decided that in addition to material cost, feat points, and minimum level, they could have a draw back of inflated footprints. This one doesn’t like how cluck off huge some of them are, but it is what it is.


Agreed many of the benches are to clucking Big. They could keep the fancy shapes but condense the size.


There are a few snaps on these building pieces and placeables that make it interesting, like how the campfire fits perfectly on the improved stove. I still see posts asking for an option that’ll cook the food that sits in the campfire… it’s there… it’s like that.

Am I missing something?

Yup, as nice as some of the high end benches look they are simply too large.

If for example i were to make a room with 1 storage crate per bench, and every high end alchemy facility including a dyer’s bench specifically for crafting dyes (not even applying them, so 2 dyers benches in the base…) and not have it feel claustrophobic you already need twice as much room as one of the full sized animal pens. Which can house multiple elephants.

Plus, being able to place just a few alchemy decor pieces would be nice.

Height wise it’s also 3.3 walls high i believe…so 4 walls needed to house it.
I no longer bother with them, except for Turanian/Stygian buildstyles for the looks.

TLDR; if a smaller player build footprint is the end goal then reduce some of the bench sizes.

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I don’t really care about the size, what bothers me more is that some have an empty area around them so you can’t place them right against walls. I don’t know how to better describe it in english but they take up more space than their physical appearance suggests.

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It’s certainly an excuse people use.

As far as I’m concerned the Improved benches are more for RP then anything else. They need a rework but at this point I’m terrified of funcom changing anything. T1 and 2 benches have the same foot print, then many of the T3 benches take up 3X the space.

I, as a single player, see no need of the T3 benches. I’m not worried about saving 2% on mats, or things taking less time; I’ve read what they do but can’t recall because it seemed eh. I am worried about the T3 benches being 2-3X bigger.

More over some T3 benches wont make base items so you will still need a T2 bench; armor.

But it is just SOP for funcom to not think things through.

And note the addition for RPing to the benches, bellows, grinding stones, and a few others.
Never used or made them to see if the snap on, you know I’m all about keeping my server foot print small.

Not sure what you are doing but I can put most all my benches a bit in to a wall. I try to avoid it, but I can put most all benches right against walls.

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They definitely do not snap on but aren’t too bad either. If you for example place a furnace and always leave room for the crafter thrall to pop a squat then a bellows will fit just fine next to them.

Same goes for the grindstone pretty much.

With some of the tier 3 benches, and most anything added after the transition to Ages system, the placeables, the odd bits that stick out have a greater exclusion zone. It’s more obvious with things like chairs that cannot be placed with a back to the wall. But the Improved Dismantling Bench is another prime culprit.

The material or time efficiency of the tier 3 benches is only relevant in PvP, when outfitting an army for Purge, building a massive estate, or falling prey to the idea that next item in a skill tree is always an upgrade.
If harvest rates were much lower, it would be different.
But as matters stand, the only concrete advantage this one sees to them is to keep resources flowing for spot repairing mid raid in PvP, where it can become a resource attrition it someone attacks when the enemy can defend.

The fast T3 furnace is great if you don’t want a whole room of furnaces. But for e.g. making steel reinforcements, T2 blacksmith benches are quite sufficient.

The Improved Tanner’s bench feels like waste of space compared to the regular one.

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