All these crafting stations take up so much room

Armourer bench, blacksmith bench, carpenter bench, cauldron, alchemy bench, torturer table, Tannery, Tannery bench, golem making bench, golem maker, Tinkering bench, Furnace, Stove, Dyers bench, casting bench, press, drying rack, artisan table, dismantling bench, thaumaturgy bench.

I named 20 stations in total, that forces us to create a big room to slot all that in… Is there something you can do (I know mods exist) that reduces some of this?, maybe add multi-specialist thralls or something idk it just seems like A LOT


Have you seen how big the benches get? T3s are 3X the size and wont make T1 items so you may need two benches set up.
And with the way crafting works you may need multiple base benches; furnaces, tanners, cauldrons ect. More over, you have no storage listed so figure 2 chests per bench minimum. Most build multi room, several story keeps.

But why are you worried about the size of you base? Certainly no one else dose.


There are ‘this or that’ benches. You can put them all down, but you should chose one from the selection. Putting them all down is overkill. I might double the furnace and tannery.

The OP never mentioned multiple stations of the same type. They listed off all different ones. Though you are not wrong, its not what the OP is stating.

I had a friend of mine do a minimalist setup once. The only stations they left up were furnaces and others that had stuff running while they were offline. Stuff like artisan’s bench, armorer’s bench, and others that you only use once in a while they would store the mats for in a nearby chest.

I usually put my metal craft in one room (smelters, blacksmiths, etc.), my clothcraft (armorer’s bench, tannery, tanner’s bench, etc) in another, and then my alchemy stuff in yet another. With a little bit of organization you can fit everything you need in quite a small area. Especially if you go vertical with multiple floors.

I had to really learn how to condense stuff once the Unlock Plus mod allowed for pulling resources from storage when crafting. Getting everything centralized was a bit of a feat in itself due to its limited range. Was definitely worth it.

Yeah. People living in a small hut don’t have a smithy, carpenter’s workshop, tannery and kitchen, as well as the blacksmith, carpenter, tanner and cook, all in the small hut. If we want those, we need separate small huts for those.

In my previous Single-Player playthrough I had an actual town to fit all of that. And that was before we got the “grandmaster” workstations.

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I’ve never seen the point of the T3 benches myself. Unless you are equipping a small army regular, I don’t see the advantage of them.
But from the looks of them T3s are more for RP then anything else.

Now I have set up small prosecuting bases. Hunters with a tanner or 2 and drying wracks. Or a forge up north in the meteor fields. But I’m a conservative builder most of the time.

T3 Blacksmith, Armorer, Alchemist, and some others, reduce the cost of recipes.

I sure prefer my Oil of Bounty to cost only 2 Fragments of Power instead of 3 :eyes:
Meanwhile at the Cauldron, it doesn’t matter much whether it takes me 3 or 4 plant fiber to craft Stone Consolidant; but on the other hand if I have to make Dragonpowder, the T3 Cauldron saves so much steelfire!

Edit: I also have 3 Blacksmith Benches actually…
T2 to make Iron Reinforcements, T3 Precision to upgrade to Steel Reinforcement, and the one I actually don’t currently use is the T3 Garrison because it reduces the crafting cost of weapons/tools, but I don’t craft any because Legendaries are just the only weapons right now :eyes:

As the Devs explained, taking up space IS part of the game. You can build your stations based on one of three approaches:

  • speed
  • efficiency
  • space

Its part of the dynamic. If you don’t care about how big something is, you can build for fast production (speed, but costs more) or economic production (efficient, but slower). If you do care about space, build the smaller “improved” stations (general purpose for standard speed and standard efficiency).

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The Improved Tanner bench is really huge compared to the normal one. And I still have to figure out what advantages it gives besides behing prettier all in white. :smile:

Not saying it isn’t although I can never find a good spot to build such a big base, nor would it look good if I built it… although having multi-specialty benches would be nice.

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Crafting speed it’s way faster at turning hides to thick hide and making hardened leather.

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or tar for bombs :wink:

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Tar isn’t made there. It’s made in the tannery not the tanners table.

thank you.

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I only play PVP and I only use the top tier benches. They have huge HP pools and they’re much harder to destroy. This makes recovering from raids fast. Since most people won’t waste bombs on them. I also NEVER lock my chests so that people that raid me don’t blow them up.

I also build my PvP bases to look good. Repairing a damaged PvE base is much easier and more cost efficient than most of these PvP monstrosities that hurt to even look at.

Yeah true, misread, lol

I just wish the improved tanners table would reduce cost as well.

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T3s are often integral on PvP as their improved counterparts take a lot more resources. To make dragon powder, for instance. A precision firebowl cauldron only requires 50 steelfire, 25 crystal and 5 brimstone per DP as opposed to 75, 37 and 7 on an improved. While these numbers seem negligible, output of more costly DP can make or break a raid in terms of requirement and time.

While there are many playstyles still, some give up the lost resources in favour of smaller, hidden bases. The unfortunate reality is that in order to have the output you need as quickly as possible, those T3 benches are important.

Agreeing with others here about the 2 armorers or blacksmiths; to me it has always been a design flaw to require the improved of either in order to still make the non-epic versions. There’s many reasons to do so and especially since the ability to transmog since 3.0. At least the armorer benches can be easy nestled.

As for what you can do, while I am not aware of any mod myself but it has been suggested above that there are (and I have seen them on training servers, looking at you cute little set altar ^^) there are many methods to nestle and stack benches together.

For my clan’s kitchen area we often stack the stove on the large campfire, include the fermentation barrel on top of either the stove or campfire and it often allows for a few preservation boxes too.

Drying racks are small but for room/aesthetic purposed and because the precision carpenter’s bench is awkward, we place them behind.

Most benches also allow for easy spots to place chests too and the tinkerer’s bench is a little unique as you can fit them underneath.

Artisan table and tannery will stack on top of each other as well, you need to get on top of something to have a good vantage point for this.

None of this will look pretty or be the most comfortable to move around in but it will conserve space and if you’re willing to play some tetris with it, they’ll often fit in no more of a width of a x5 foundation by whatever.

Wouldn’t stacking the stove on the large campfire look… not right though?