Crafting station size and collision needs adjustment!

A big pet peeve of mine is when I build a workshop to fit crafting stations and they just can’t be placed in places where they should otherwise fit. In some cases this could be fixed by slightly adjusting the collision box or size scale. Personally, I would like a much more significant and uniform change to the size of crafting stations.

Exhibit A: The Campaign Blacksmith bench can only fit in a 2x2 space in one orientation which is very difficult to get. Even though it should fit snuggly in any orientation (Fix: collision box needs adjustment).

Exhibit B: Regular Furnace fits in a 1x1 (sort of) but bleeds through the wall (Fix: reduce the size scale on this to be more consistent with the improved furnace).

Exhibit C: Percision Alchemy bench should fit in a 2x1 easily but doesn’t requiring a 2x3 foundation footprint to place even though it takes less than half of the area (Fix: Slightly reduce the size scale and adjust the collision box).

Exhibit D: The Trade alchemy bench doesn’t even fit in a 2x3 requiring an additional row of foundations to place, that is a 3x3 foot print (Fix, change the collision box and scale slightly to fit snuggly in a 2x3 footprint)

And I could go on with examples…

I would love if the adjustment to these benches went a step further. Lets make the footprint size of all the top tier crafting stations fit snuggly in a 2x2 foundation (surrounded by walls). Uniform change across the board for all top tier crafting stations. The regular and improved benches can be smaller fitting snuggly in either a 1x1, 2x1, or L shaped (2+1). Not a little bigger than a 1x1 or 2x1, lets have them fit snuggly within those foundations (I admit I am neglecting triangle foundation size here, but lets face it most of the benches currently are not even built for the triangle geometry, builders can work around this). This would make it easy to plan the size of your workshop from the beginning and much easier to upgrade from regular to improved to top tier. Keeping the sizes more uniform. It would also look better and reduce frustration.

I realize this is probably low priority, but I have to advocate for the change because placing crafting stations in vanilla is such a pain. At least using the LBPR mod makes it less frustrating but the size issue is still hard to plan for.


Good ideas, I hope that they can get to that after the 3.0 update.


I would like it if the crafting stations got smaller. It seems extremely large. The player has to build an unnecessarily large base, and when every player on the server has to do it, it’s already a real problem. For example, I like what mod AOC or EEWA (I’m not sure which one) did, that they made the “animal pen” smaller and it looks like a regular cage, but you can put it wherever you want. But it doesn’t take up much space inside/out (perhaps 1x1?) Maybe the CE developers could be inspired because it’s really quite excessive


I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.


Play on Ps4 would be great if benches were smaller @nitecat what do you think

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Benches should be larger and more elaborate
The ones we use now look like regifted pieces of furniture .

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With real benches they are the correct layout, but remember you made the bench you needed while still adjusting the bench to your building size. This fact is not currently represented fully. I believe that it has more to do with 3d modelling and pvp base size restriction.

To be clear I’m not advocating for tiny stations. For those that are on Pc the mod beyond stations handles this beautifully, making small compact stations that can do pretty much everything. I like the models of the large stations added to the vanilla game. However they are inconsistently sized with seemingly no regard for the size of foundations and have over large collision boxes preventing placement even in areas they should otherwise fit. Some small adjustments as mentioned would go a long way.

Since 3.0 is coming along to streamline the leveling process making it easier for people to understand and plan for (which is very well done in my opinion). I think a similar thing could be done to crafting stations. Make all the large ones fit in a 2x2 blueprint so we know how to plan our bases. It’s plenty big but also manageable.

Have you tried to place and then add walls? Some things, like the maproom, can fit into spaces when you don’t have the walls on and then you add the walls afterwards. Not sure why that matters but it does.

I believe that was the intent. You can have a smaller base with extra costs of mats for crafting or a large base and get the benefits of the t3 crafting stations.

This, too, is a problem that I am waiting for to be fixed.

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I am fine with them fine tuning the hit box so things that “should” fit in a 2x2 can. But I don’t want them to rescale anything just to make it a lego-game. If we need to place things a specific way to get them to fit, or angle them slightly I am fine with that.

Choosing to build a larger carpentry bench might not be the best option for you if you are in a tiny home.


Nothing wrong with that, but those crafting stations (larger and more expensive) are of absolutely no benefit to the player and that’s why I don’t even use them. I’m not saying, maybe on PvP servers there will be many advantages in crafting, but in PvE I really don’t care. I don’t care if something takes 1 second less time to craft or is 1 ingot cheaper. The only advantage I found and liked was making oil from fragments, there that 1 fragment means a lot. But deciding whether it takes longer to craft something in carpenter or if it costs me more wood / iron - that’s not really important

PS: If someone plays vanilla PvE, which means that there is not much “end-game content”, then they will not try to speed up the time or make something cheaper because they will finish their game very quickly and you don’t want them to stop playing after 2 weeks - that’s one for my reasons why I don’t use them. I admit, it might be silly for some. But think about it realistically and you will find that I am right

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