Hello, me again. This time I’m here to complain about the new benches

Long-time returning player here after a year and a half break from Conan.

What was anyone thinking with these bench designs? Not only are they offensively massive, ruining any chance a solo player had of building small while having access to the highest tier of crafting, but some of them are utterly useless.

The new furnaces and tanneries, for example. The fuel-efficient versions are literally pointless. The speed versions give you 3.6x speed and only consume 65% more fuel. This is a net gain in BOTH craft speed and fuel efficiency. The fuel efficient versions take so long to do anything that they are a complete waste of time.

My next point; the blacksmith’s and armorer’s benches. First of all, when it comes to crafting weapons and armor, nobody needs to mass produce gear at such a speed (for twice the material cost) that the speed benches are necessary. Completely useless in that regard. Second of all, when it comes to making iron/steel reinforcements, the improved blacksmith bench (the tier 2 bench, yes) is literally the most efficient. Why?? I understand you wanted to make a :sparkles: speed :sparkles: bench and a :sparkles: cost :sparkles: bench, but you really actually couldn’t give the speed bench a small boost to craft cost in order to reduce reinforcement costs to 1 bar? So if we are to use the tier 3 benches, we are left to decide between doubling the amount of farm required (which would actually be 4x the farm as before, because you changed the harvest rate on officials to 1x) OR waiting an excruciatingly long time for reinforcements to finish. OR, the magical 3rd option, literally just use the improved bench. It’s gets a speed AND cost reduction bonus, so it’s better than both of the T3 benches for making reinforcements. Was this even thought about in their design?

THIRD OF ALL, freakin’ alchemical base. All of the previous complaints pale in comparison to the fact that we now spend TWICE as much alchemical base to make high tier armor, and that alchemical base takes TWICE as long to farm as before, resulting in a QUADRUPLED grind in order to make some decent armor. This is due to the garbage design decision that in order to split hides and make improved leather/fur/silk we need to have an entire separate bench that does NOT have improved versions to cut the costs down. What an absolute joke.

And my final complaint, the cherry on top:


I just feel like these changes were completely UNnecessary and UN-asked for. I heard it was to reduce the amount of placeables and buildings people make, but that logic is so backwards that i don’t even think Funcom would do it. There are MORE benches, resulting in more placed items in the world, more thralls required to fill them all up, and we must build MORE space to fit these giant hunks of garbage in. What was the point? To give everyone access to reduced cost crafting without thralls but for the price of doing it at the speed of smell? I don’t get it.

Edit: I figured out a bit of a workaround for processing iron into reinforcements both quickly and efficiently. Get a tier 3 smith thrall or better. i’m assuming it’s at least tier 3, don’t have anything worse to test with. The important thing is that they have the ability to transform 1 iron reinforcement & 1 steelfire into 1 steel reinforcement. This recipe is the same cost on the garrison smith table as it is on the campaign table. Now, this will save you a ton of iron farming, because you’re getting 1:1 on iron:steel, which is normally 5:1. It also bypasses needing 2 bars for 1 reinforcement on the campaign bench. The only thing is, it’s going to take a long long time to make large amount of iron reinforcements and THEN have them crafted into steel. So the set up i have running right now, that works for me, is 4 improved (T2) smith benches (with or without thralls, don’t need em but they help the speed a bit) pumping out iron reinforcements non stop. You take these iron reinforcements out every now and then and throw them into your campaign bench that has a T3 smith capable of transmuting iron reinforcement into steel reinforcement at breakneck speeds. And that’s it. Profit from the incredible speed of the campaign bench while avoiding doubling your farm. In fact you can cut your iron farming down by 80% and maintain the same production. This is obviously an oversight and further adds to the theory that nobody on Funcom’s conan team has ever spent any significant amount of time playing their own game.


LOL I totally agree, its so easy to mine coal or use dried wood, I don’t get why anyone would use the fuel efficient furnace.

To be honest, I have never had to make Alch base, as the t2/3 NPC bearers drop it in lots of 500. I just go thru the den and kill them and usually get at least one RNG drop.

Agreed, but I still enjoy them. Its something new, and after five years anything new is exciting to me.


This is very true but perhaps (raises shields) a slight Nerf on the drop is warranted here…

And lets not for get the desolate Isle either… Jayzuz H Christ if they do open a transit between Siptah & Exiled lands the one thing that will be a major export is Alchemical base with all the gold and silver overflowing in Sip…!

They’re not intended nor required for solo players with small bases. The people who need these new benches have bases that can house them.

As someone who uses both versions. I couldn’t disagree more. I use the fuel efficient versions for materials I have bulk of but don’t need right now. It makes no sense for me to keep 10,000 ironstone in a chest till I need it. But again… I don’t play solo normally so I have up to 100,000 stone or 25,000 that needs to be processed eventually.

I asked for them. Through desire to have something large clans could use and look forward to. There’s several ways to progress in Conan. You can increase your level to 60, you can get epic armor and legendary weapons, but what about your efforts in the social sphere of the game?

Many of you think that being in a group of several people is easy, just clan up and stuff magically happens. It doesn’t. You have to coordinate when everyone is online, who’s doing what, who’s focusing on what, and form relationships so that you don’t continuously have people dropping off, leaving you short. Us social players like to be thrown a bone in progression as well.

We don’t exactly have raid bosses we can tackle for better loot. So having stations that make our operations more efficient so we can be rewarded with the ability to do the cool stuff when we login instead of all the farming and production management.


My dude. The T2 blacksmith bench is bar none the most efficient bench for making reinforcements. Tell me that was an intended feature and not a design oversight from a fluffy ■■■ unnecessary update. Why split up functions from other benches. Why make epic armor 2x the amount of alchemical base and reduce harvest rates to 1x. None of that makes any sense

also you’re telling me solo players aren’t “intended” to have access to late game crafting capabilities? wtf? grabbing thralls was much easier than trying to build something small but big enough to house these enormous benches. So it definitely isn’t more inclusive, really don’t understand what other solo players are even talking about when they say that.

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Another point that tells me that they do not play their own game.

Add the fact that you die faster in PvP now, because of the new healing system. So you need to spend more time crafting new armors if you are not that good in PvP.


Question: Do you have fuel efficient benches in your base(s) and why?

The fuel efficient benchs and the x2 speed crafting blacksmith and armored are the most useless waste of space in this game.

Why would anyone want a slower production of tar or anything in general? just to save some fuel? for fuel we can use almost everything and is easy to obtain.

or spend twice the mats to craft weapons and gear just to get it faster, when in reality, you will only need that during raid hours and most likely you will have it in time.

and by the love of crom, the fuel efficient furnace is MASSIVE for no reason.
they should make those benchs more attractive, by, i don’t know, maybe keep the t2 mat reduction.

I mentioned I do, and why.

Ahhh I see. Well for me this was never the case :slight_smile:

After a server wipe we usually wanted to have base building materials as quickly as possible. Insulated wood production always gave us so much dry wood as by-product, so we were basically swimming in it (we also usually had a farming base next to the summoning place, where coal is plentyful). So we never needed a fuel efficient workbench. After the base building was done, we had enough building materials that lastet for the rest of the wipe (server got wiped usually after 3-5 weeks). The only thing we farmed is materials for bombs or armor/weapons/buffs/food/healing if we lost a lot.

So after all, there is no need for fuel efficient benches for me our my clan. If they make fuel materials more rare or change their timers then it might look different.


They have their uses, when resources are not an issue and I want to craft hundreds of sets quickly. I set 10 speed benches and I am done with it in no time (when hosting events for example). They are also pretty handy on training servers where you can allow players to craft whatever gear they want without them having to wait forever for that piece to be crafted (talking about siptah gear here), again mats are unlimited here.

Fuel-efficient tannery is something I use on a PvE server with low rates where I don’t really need to craft that much and I have plenty of time overnight to process my stuff. The only fuel efficient bench I find useless is the furnace because of how massive it is, I prefer kilns.

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So as a private server admin, you dont just create them thru the admin panel, for say, events? I dont get that.

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Because you don’t get the bonuses this way. Before you could spawn a flawless item, now you can only spawn a base item which well, has base stats.


I think the benches are nice
The altars, map room should be smaller. The pen should have a smaller version as well…

God yes. I need an antidote from seth, stamina potion from derketo, ambrosia from mitra and accuracy potion from jebbal. I have to build a ■■■■■■■ cathedral to all gods each time.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. In a way, these massive loot drops go against everything they (tried to) build around gathering and benches. It allows you to skip a huge chunk of the process. Usually, this isn’t a good thing for your game.

But here, feels like a workaround to avoid another sistem that is disliked by people, and not simply a meta efficiency strat. Healing waterskin had a similar situation, look at where it is now :thinking:

dude nobody is talking about modded pve servers where random players are using your benches to craft gear. Just use (wait for it) mods for that. And even if it’s not modded, the game shouldn’t be balanced around the pve experience. In pve you have all day and night to grind whatever you want and it doesn’t even matter how strong your base is. BALANCE should be based around the most competitive scene in the game. i.e. official pvp. There should obv be pve aspects to craftable items and placeables but that’s not what balance itself should be based on.


This should be changed too IMO. game has a ton of modded servers, might aswell make the admins lives a little bit easier :smiley:

Instead of having gigantic new stations, with unnecessary additions like, casting bench, dye bench, we could have a customizable foldering system like in ark. So people would be able to customize their crafts and folder them according to their uses. This one of the things I hate in conan, everything is a giant scrollable list which doesn’t save its previous use. Admin spawn panel doesn’t have it (this causes a massive fps problem on that tab too, loading everything in same time), benches don’t have it. You have to type in or scroll all the way, every single time you open these tabs. And if you do not remember the items name, good luck finding it, especially if you are playing in a heavily modded server.

The fact that the new benches literally killed the uniqueness of thralls with names, is halted the end game economy. Now there is no asset of value, or feeling of reward once one of them are captured. People don’t look forward for purges anymore, spamming berserkers are much easier in quantity as in vanilla a thrall dying to a pve content is pretty hard.

All we have is senseless quantity of things, in exchange of quality. And also yes the new benches are ridiculously big. I wish they interchangable parts instead. Like the Upgrade station in ARK, with removable, addable features. So we could swap pieces, but I just, can’t expect that much from funcom. I don’t really think they are happy to work on this project anymore. We got so many day 1 problems at hand and all we get is weird overhauls to game, the weird overhauls that makes most of the modders rip out their hair from patch to patch.

Just flesh out the game, fix the day 1 bugs which I’m ashamed to tell new players that they exist since the beginning, stop overhauling weird systems, add more modding oppurtunity (I know you do time to time) but just leave the rest to modders. Conan doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel every 4 months. You don’t need that to ensure a healthy playerbase. You just need to be consistent, and stable. I lost a giant number of players since july because of ridiculous overhauls that crippled modders for weeks, rendering servers offline for time being. People do not trust the stability of the game that much anymore. Just make it stable.