Anyone using the campaign T3 benches? why?

I find the T3 crafting benches that offer the speed bonus very nicely made and good for interior decoration. They don’t seem very practical on PvE servers where I always leave stuf to be crafted over night.
Are players actually using these benches that don’t cut the cost of recipes? What’s their purpose in a game where farming materials is a grind?
I think that crafting costs should be removed from benches and added back to thralls. The only thing that benches should provide are different, more complex recipes, based on the tier of the bench. It would make more sense that way since T3 benches seem to have more tools decorating them. And both t3 should be more of a cosmetic choice with the same functionality.
The way it works now, I don’t have any use for the campaign benches or the heat-efficient furnance. I have them placed only as decoration, and it feels bad.

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Campaign blacksmith bench with T3+ blacksmith in it is useful for a much faster crafting steel reinforcement (same cost) but yeah, the rest is somewhat decorative or not worth the cost cut.
Trade carpenter bench is debatable. Campaign armorer bench is just no…
I have this Trade alchemist bench for the sole purpose is to fill water flasks faster. lol

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i use the campaign benches for recipes that are already very low resource.
ex: 1 iron reinforcement + 1 steelfire = 1 steel reinforcement on either tier 3 blacksmith bench… but crafts much faster on one if them.

I don’t use any bench that costs more mats. I keep a few around for decoration also…lol

I use the benches that reduce costs…black smith, armor, and carpenter. The speed difference is not useful on the other ones, because of the ability to mass craft over night when you are logged off. Maybe SP they may be useful because the game stops when not on, but that can be tuned in the settings for faster craft time and not really break the game tbh.

You lose 2 steel bars and get 1 steel reinforcement if you do that. I wish it would work like that though.

I’m on ps4 so I’m rather clueless as to the new benches but I’m sure I read somewhere that there is a way now to transform iron reinforcement into steel reinforcement using 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire. Is this correct??


There is a thrall recipe ‘Reinforce’ when you put a T3 or higher blacksmith in any blacksmith bench with the same cost, 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire.



In PS4 is possible only with purge blacksmith . To gain purge blacksmith , you need human purges .
Build North , under the bat caves , near the Freya camp and you will have multiple human purges there . If by any chance you gain purge armorer then it is something like you find a sword of from :rofl: , good luck

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I have a tip that only the old gods of conan know about and keep secret.
This secret allows you to make cost reduction benches craft twice as fast.

Make 2 of them !

(some even say that it works with 4 for x4 speed)


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