New pet pen sizes

Ok there is just one size of pet pen that’s a super large foot print, with 3 levels of build that each hold 5 animals. How about a smaller size (footprint) pet pen with less amount of pets like thrall stations work. 1 pet pen size or 2,3 ETC Not everyone wants 5 pets cooking and surely not have thrall count reduced.


we were hoping that would happen but we got a stable. maybe repurpose the cages and add the beastmaster?

Yes the stable shows all the slots but only hold one horse. I was hoping two… Yes I tried to put a cooked pet in there for kicks, no go…

I tottaly agree. I wish cages would work as single stables

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I agree 100%. Animal pens, maprooms and now stables are doubling the landsclaim of many bases und thus force players to place more défenses for the purge which Simply leads to some extra lag on servers and other issues depending on each player’s plan.

i would rather have a smaller pen: 2 times smaller at least with only one “visible” slot for the pet you want to look at. the usual 5 slots are still there, you could still train 5 pets at the same time but only one pet would be visible. This “visible slot” is marked as “thrall slot” just the same way crafting station use their attached thralls. the owner would Simply put the pet he wants to look at in this “thrall slot”

Beside the extra defense not easy after thrall count cut, so offer us the reduce foot print pen or allow the cages being used like suggested.

And we could also use smaller religious buildings.

As long as we can build in it :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t build in the armored version which makes me sad and I know most people don’t care but it’s fun for single player since it provides protection from the elements and enemies and you can fit all your stations in it.

I’m all for the option of a smaller version though. I like doing smaller “camps” instead of big bases since I move my set ups around and only ever have one.

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