Animal Pen size

Animal Pen come with T1, T2 & T3, but the only different is tougher as the tier get higher, how about also change the size of it, say T1 have 1 slot, T2 3 slot and T3 5 slot (as it is),
reason is not every base location can fit the pen with 10x8 foundations, with different pen size can give player more variety to choose from, depending on how they use it, where they want or can place it, please make it happen.


I’ve read that it is planned to decrease them in size, but I don’t know if that’s true…

But that’s definitely a thing we need!


Tottaly agree, however they have an item, all they have to do is a little more programing. We have the horse stables, if only they allow us to use it for animals, it would be so great, plus the design of the stable can fit in your living room, it’s lovely.

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The original plan was to put added restrictions on what animals could be tamed at each tier.

Like small animals for the first tier, animals of the rocknose size in second tier, and larger animals in the top tier.

This plan must have not tested well so the idea was replaced with the hitpoints the only difference in the tiers.

Heck, I’d be happy if some of the large, hard-to-place structures had their collision detection for placement made more lenient, and perhaps had the mesh extend further downward. This would make it more forgiving when placing them on a slight grade without having to build a monstrously huge plinth to place them on.


This was mention few months back…(well last year anyway) I havnt seen them mention it again sadly.

Why not just adapt the stables (1 stall) to be able to snap together with itself. You can make the pen as large as you want and the benefit would be sharing the resources between all the stalls. The HP on the pens really don’t matter much in game however size does.

im always down for more placeables but 10x8 isnt that hard to manage. pillars placed ahead of time clip through the stairs for ur convenience 8]

It would be less of a pain if it would work properly: You‘ve got problems placing them on foundations without a freely movable camera while building. And placing them within a base makes it very difficult to keep your base small…

i dont disagree about the difficulty, many things in the build system require an unexplained order of operation. and yes the cam during placement is a real grief i second that too. but 8x10 is already small to raise an elephant in…

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