Smaller Animal Pens when?

We seriously need smaller animal pens, the current ones are too huge… Instead of just upgrading hp of the animal pens we should have Small, Medium and Large pens with animal sizes to fit them.

I see no reason to have a giant pen when i never plan to tame any elephants or rhinos, useless as they are with such a small hp pool and taking so much space.

As for sizes, Small = Dogs, Cats and other smaller animals, Medium = Reapers, Bears and other medium sized creatures, Large = Elephants, Rhinos and other giants.

Should put a tag on every animal as to what size they are and make pens for each category.


Small pen. Tier 1, low hp, small size. Cannot house Elephant/Rhinos.

I would be very happy with that.


The pens house 5 creatues - don’t forget that. You could make them smaller, though, by housing fewer creatures, say one or two. However, I don’t see much gain from that. There are other things that add a lot more to the game.

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Like alot of topics, I agree, we need a “houses 1” version. There pain in but place as is… smaller one would help. And lets us build 2-3 or 4…or 10 for animal needs. XD

I like the idea of houses 1…but to avoid everyone just making 20 pens and placing it in the same coverage area a normal 5x pen, you would need to make it where 5 individual pens combined space wise is 1.5 the space of a 5x to entice building the bigger one if you are trying to mass produce.

About 5 minutes after the PVP players start crying about it.

We do play the game as well. And 1x pens would be in the lollipop bubble base. the size now makes it a pain unless you have a 10x9 stable footprint on the pillar base.

Or maybe, everyone should be waving around cotton candy maces and shoot bubbles at each other.

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I’d buy that DLC.


T1 pen house 2 animals. T2 pen house 4 animals. T3 pen house 5 animals and is only one that can do Big animals. This would be good. Finding places to put pens is way too annoying. you build up on a mountains but need your pens at the base because it wont fit up there. Or you make a small base because your chill like that and the animal pen is bigger then your house.

While a good idea you’d have to give the playerbase a heads up of a couple of weeks perhaps before implementing this… (As you’d have to remove the old T1 and T2 pens from the game or swap them into T5 pens and either way there is a high probability that anything currently stored in them will be lost.)

FunCom has been good with giving notice. Like what they did with the Bandit leader change.

Next Event Idea Right Here!

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Oh my gosh, yes!! :joy:

Cotton Candy = Brittle Bastard Mace
Bubble = Acid Arrows

All for this idea, I think it would be nice to have the choice, like we do with the other 400+ items

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