Animal Pen Size is obnoxious

The size of the Animal Pen is obnoxious to say the least and hard to place in CE let alone in Isle of Siptah. I would like to see something we can use in building our own stables. On my personal server, I use YavasAnimalPen mod for this the single post with the straw and food bowls is very nice aesthetically and works well in a built stable. I had hoped with the Riders of Hyboria DLC that added all the components to build a stable there would be an option for the taming within the build, but there isn’t and to be perfectly honest having to place an Animal Pen and a Stable to tame Pets and Horses defeats the purpose of the DLC build components for Stable building. Please give us a smaller footprint post with straw, hitching post, or a build component to use with the stable building DLC; even if it limits us to a single pet per placement.


We already get the food trough with the stable set items, it shouldn’t be that difficult to give it the same functions as a single animal taming pen, even the actual stable and armored taming pen are quite large already without even going into the multi animal pens, I personally would love the option for smaller taming pieces


Agreed. Need a much smaller pen.

The size of the pens look extra terrible in some areas of Siptah.

Vaults should be much smaller too.


Of course they are huge, just like real life pens. You can get creative though. You really can build on cliff sides and such. I guess though having a smaller option that can only tame 1 at a time or something would be alright too.


I totally agree with the smaller cliffs and areas on Siptah it is difficult to place the huge pen and if you have all the DLC’s including the Riders of Hyboria DLC which gave us the pieces to build our own stables it would be nice to have that component that makes it possible to have that creativity of building your stables and pens to suit your location and build.

A single slot animal pen would be very welcome. The size of the one we have now is the reason i never use pets, cant stand to look at it.


This is largely the same perspective I have on the issue Chairman. I am all for keeping the current 5 cage, or ‘cubicle’ monstrosity. However, I would also like to see the option for a 1 or 2 cage variant of the Animal Pen added in too.


I agree with having smaller pens would be good.
But also, the Animal Pen is really hard to place down, harder than it should be. I haven´t done it since the last updates, but the amount of flat terrain it needs has always been ridiculous. They did something about the Map Room, so having an easier time with this monster would be appreaciated.

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Smaller variant is needed. Current one is very limiting to players ability to design buildings. It’s size throws off the entire look of a base, whether it be inside… or outside. And people that use them to produce resources, have to build ridiculous, stupid looking towers.

Do this instead.





Just like with the animal head trophies, there should be tiers.
The regular pen should only contain smaller animals such as hyenas, birds, etc.
Reincorfed one should have bigger like locusts, sabretooths, rocknoses.
And the armored should be for mammoths, rhinos and such.

That would also mean to bring the level requirement of the latter 2 lower.

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Ohh man this is what I said instantly when I saw the pens for the first time
Just like a wheel it should have been like:

  • T1 pen for 1 animal
  • T2 pen for 3 animals
  • T3 pen for 5 animals

Yes, as to day i cant se any diferesn betwan the t1 and t3 exept from buildcost and lock.

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I really don’t get why Animal Pens tiers don’t act as the Wheel of Pain’s ones : first tier is small and only for one animal, then it grows bigger and can hold several animals.


Do we need animal pens?

You could replace it with a building place-able like the water trough and an internal footprint without any walls or ceilings blocking it from that object based on the animal being tamed. A small cat might need a space 1x1x1 but an elephant might need 2x3x2. That way the build could incorporate as may stables and of a size relevant to the animals they wanted to tame. You could do the tiering system with a thrawl on the feeding station which affected taming speeds.

How many elephants and rhino’s can you carry in your inventory drach? 200? Should our backpack be infinity huge and drag behind us everywhere we go? Many things are unrealistic in Conan eh why must the animal pen be realistic?

Reduce the size of the animal pen and the size of the animal models when they are inside the animal pen. That could help make it smaller.

Maybe the animals tamed shouldn’t be visible from the outside to make an animal pen smaller?

Or, how about giving us an animal tamer instead of an animal pen? Give the animal tamer the animals you want to tame and in time you can remove a tamed animal…

I personally do think animal pen’s and map rooms need their size reduced. Many rented servers do not like large builds and reducing the size of a few things would help those who have rented a server and those who play on the rented server to keep their base from being a monstrosity, reduce lag for everyone playing on those servers and any other reason I haven’t thought of yet.

A reduction in size of 25% for animal pens and map rooms would greatly be appreciated by everyone.


What ever happen to small one anyway…

it was brought up in streams few months back that they would have something… by then contest happen and several blank azuras… and long waited patch for ps4… nothing on small pens they hinted at. Now we have new map. XD

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