Animal pens are far too big

Players have been complaining for years now that the oversized pens are too big too fit anywhere , Do the Devs ever listen ??? NOPE The opposite in fact seems to be the case ! they create more crafting stations that are too big to be of any use !


Na i dont se any problem whit that, beather to sped the resourses on important thing as stuff to do and prevent toxiq player to exploit the system.

Yuss! +1 to smaller pens! They are currently a pain in the booty to place, been stuck in them a few times trying to place it in the spot I want it :sweat_smile:


How about making smaller versions of pet cages, like only one slot or so, so you can fit it in any place and keep the original design and mechanics? maybe even with the tier1 styles?
3d-wise, cutting meshes and modifying them is less effort than making something new with Concept Art and 3d of course. Implementation-wise, its not new.



There is little point in haveng the devs make new things for us when the existing are unusable ! ,… But they need to know the problems in order to fix them … Yes more things to do and find defo ! but it is no good keep making more broken toys ! this game is fantastic but needs a few things sorting out ! … If we dont let the devs know the problem then they will never fix them ! …

Yes but this topic is not a problem, lets focus on the problems.

Please, Masmassu. you don’t get to decide which topics are allowed on the Suggestions forum. You’re free to make your own suggestions, and you’re free to contribute your opinion regarding other people’s suggestions, but please do not dismiss other people’s suggestions as irrelevant simply because they don’t seem relevant for you.

Animal pen size is a valid concern now that we have more workstations to accommodate, and some of them are considerably larger than old ones. This forces people to expand their existing bases or build new ones. And if I remember correctly, you were concerned about land claim recently, so this topic is actually related to your own concerns, too.


It would be useful if the animal pens were given the same size/slot restrictions as the wheels of pain. Lower tier pen would be physically smaller and have space for fewer animals vs the higher tiers.

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But what, you are free to have youre opinion but i dont se this as a problem. I dont decide anything just put my opinion on it!

I agree… too big

2 types of cages: little for cats wolves etc big for rhino and elephant. 1 animal per box only. Could be put in every buildind (aquilonian, Turanian etc)

Animal Pen is rather ‘extreme.’ Perhaps change the Animal Pen to allow for size options:

Large Animal Pen has five slots and comes in T1, T2, and T3 (this is what we have now)

Change: Make two smaller versions

Moderate Animal Pen with three slots (simply cut two pens off the sides of the five slots and dress up the art to make it look ‘intact’) and comes in T1, T2, and T3.

Small Animal Pen with one slot (simply cut two more pens off the sides so that only the central pen is left – and dress up the art to make it look ‘intact’) and comes in T1, T2, and T3.


The only thing is thet they shud change so the diferent T diferens is not just the buildcost. (And ther HP but is not important even on a pvp server.)

I am not sure ??? The constant crashing may well be helped if there is less weight < data > on the board ??? And even if not there IS the problem of not beaing able to place pens etc due to the huge size of them ?

But thats more a camera problem then a problem whit the building, same whit altar, vaults and weels.

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