Smaller Pet pens

The thrall wheels come in various sizes, which is great, because sometimes I only want 1 thrall from an area. Can we get smaller pet pens based on tier or an advanced pet feat that lets us build smaller (holds 1 or 2 pets) cages? I don’t want to have to build a massive base just to try and fit a map room and a pet pen.


I think a small, 1 thrall animal pen is a neat idea. Perhaps you could snap it to foundations easier than the current pens, as well. A lot of times I am only using the animal pens for one thrall at a time, anyways, so I could really see this being handy.

We definitely need a rework on the Animal Pens.

The lowest one should be about a third of the size. Not a huge grand pen. Less stone, more wood. And just two animals to go in. Because sometimes you want a dung producer for Compost, and still room to be obtaining a “fighter” type animal.

Then the second one can add stone to reinforce and go up to 4 animals total. Leaving 5 in the final “super” pen, that is ultra reinforced for those really beefy strong animals.


yea pens are MASSIVELY oversized, ive yet to use in as a solo player because there is no place to put one…

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It’s not too hard to place them. They are just oversized in the early game when they should logically be smaller. The way the Wheel of Pain is smaller at the start.

Just put it without bothering with foundations. In solo game the decay system is turned off by default.

It depends on where your home is, and if anyone has built around you. A lot of people want one the size of the middle third of the current pens and without the built in foundations so they can build it into a room in their own home.

Who doesn’t want a pet tiger hanging out if their characters bedroom? It’s a Fantasy genre staple.

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