Smaller animal pen

Hi everyone,
I’m a PvE player (single/coop) who loves to build bases in many different area and most time the limiting factor is a place for the huge animal pen.
I wonder if you could implement a smaller single or duo unit pen that could be easier to place outside of a plain or a large foundation platform. Something around the size of the stable or a wee bit bigger for a duo unit.


I also have problems regularly, it takes a lot of floor space and it is sometimes complicated when I have built a little base in a small space

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Welcome to the comunity. Believe me, we ask this a lot of times :joy:. Another voice is always better :+1:.


Maybe a beast master thrall that sped up training / increase chances of getting better version of animals would be nice too.

The wheel of pain gets bigger and get more room for slaves under the guidance of a single taskmaster with each tier, animal pen could evolve in a similar way.

Just an idea

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