Would love a stable sized / single pet pen option

The sheer size of pet pens makes them a real issue to keep thieves away from them - particularly for leveling players or solos who don’t want a giant base footprint. Putting even a basic t1 structure around the lowest pet pen is like shooting flares into the sky announcing your location.

It would be awesome if there was a single pet taming option such as the stables for people who don’t need to be taming multiple animals at once. Given the stables are a thing, I really don’t see how this wouldn’t be possible, or any reason not to. I think most people agree the sheer size of the regular pet pens is annoying.


I’d love it if taming followed a similar WoP progression of 1 -> 4 -> Full Blown Giant Thing.

I don’t recall exactly where I heard it, but I believe a smaller animal pen was mentioned as a thing they want to do.


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