2 Suggestions that will help game...plus wheres the bed

Many people are going on summer holidays or working extra hours some players are solo and cant refresh base, alliances would allow friends to refresh bases it would also reduce the clutter of slave racks as people can share. They can help with purges some people just hunt down purges when they work to tame the rare thralls and leave it at that the person who got purged cant even get a chance to tame the rare thrall as everyone is there for one thing. Many things would cut down the lag especially flying thralls, lastly brick it shouldnt take 2500 stone to make 350 brick yes stone is easy but its not realistic, its 1-1 ratio making harden brick so it should be 1-3 ratio or 1-4 at most. They had it in beta u could repack thralls that are place so we know that can be done again or every morning at server restart nuke the floating ones.

Plus with the new dlc where is the new bed?? and new god? u have tables and everything should there be a bed;P