Smaller version of the Map Room

I have a totally original idea:

A smaller map room that’ll allow you to teleport directly to other small map rooms you own, at the cost of getting corrupted.


And it’s not a bad idea per se. Unfortunately, the existing implementation you’re alluding to – the transportory stone – has a few differences that really make it completely incompatible with the typical use cases for map rooms.

The map room is used for teleporting to a fixed set of existing points without having to build anything at the destination. The reasons why you can’t really use transportory stones as a smaller version of the map room are:

  • Every player who did that would have to build a transportory stone near every obelisk. That’s spammy.
  • Map rooms can be used by everyone. It’s basic hospitality on PVE(-C) servers to let your visitor use your map room to teleport away. You can’t do that with transportory stones without giving the whole wide world free entry into your bases. (Well, you can, if you don’t use transportory stones for anything except public transportation.)

Yeah, I know we’re most likely never going to get anything that works like a smaller version of a map room (i.e. it satisfies the same use cases), and that’s okay. I just wanted to point out that transportory stones really aren’t the solution.


I remember back in early access where Joel talked about mounts and that it was something they really wanted in the game, I wonder if we would have had the map rooms if they had made mounts possible at launch, personally I think it was a substitute for the lack of mounts when the game left early access and they added the Swungle and Vulcano to finalize the map :slight_smile:

I can’t say that I never use map rooms because I do once in a while, but I cannot remember the last time I had one myself :grin:
I think there are many people who have played this game for years but never even seen half of the places in the map, well except for pvp players, they usually know almost every inch of the map, there are many unique small places that unless there’s a poi, people just never explore these places, and that is kinda sad, however I do understand that we are living in times where travelling to different parts of a map in games must be more or less instant :slight_smile:

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I have a totally original idea built on Jimbo’s idea too :stuck_out_tongue:

Add some default floaty stones in the transportatory stone that goes to the static obelisks…

Might hit 2 poor chickens with one rock :smiley: Cuz then many people might not spam the land with transportory stones and will be totally happy with the default obelisk locations…

It would still not be the map-room as you would get the same corruption penalty per distance like you do with normal transporting…

It can even be explained lore-wise… Tapping into the Obelisk network via Sorcery :stuck_out_tongue: as a sort of magi-hacker

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To make it more “difficult” one could have to open a portal (brimstone + sacrificial blood) for every obelisk.

But that’s not the idea of that guy. He was just teasing with poor sarcasm.

Estão querendo fazer uma versão miniatura de templos e mapas vai perder os detalhes grandiosos da sala do mapa e também dos altares e templos de Deuses do exilio.

Queria saber por que a Funcom iria tentar fazer isso se a sala do mapa é bem detalhada e mostra mais detalhes que vocês não podem ver no mapa normal apertando M. Certeza que essa ideia é de pessoal PVP estão chorando da mesma forma que foi o choro da roda da dor olha o que temos agora (Uma gaiola de Thralls) a gaiola é um pequeno cesto sem graça e sem sentido que a Funcom se deixou levar e fez de tanto ver as pessoas chorar aqui por conta do tamanho da “Roda da dor” tradicional @Funcom_Community Sala do mapa não deveria ser alterada o tamanho está ótimo e devem lembrar que tem o teleporte SORCERY já existe.

See you are limiting your creativity by declaring the current set up has no solution, which I disagree with totally. You can have an epic aesthetic with the current maproom size…if you have the patience and know how. There was one time I used the maproom as a ceiling to my bed chambers. I got it spaced just right that the entire thing fit a one foundation wide circle and leaving me with an awesome sky light.

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Não acredito que o fato de sua base ser grande é devido a sala do mapa… Acho que você é um TROLL está trolando e querendo apelar para ver se a Funcom olha isso. Você consegue colocar o print de sua base aqui sem a sala de mapa? se pode por que não postou antes? A sala de mapa não vai fazer sua base ser a lendária miniatura do exilio. Por que acha que sua base será menor? Você joga PVP?

And to be fair, many just layer their build above/below it anyway. I’ve seen layer-cake bases with maproom, exercise wheel, and then the main base content. Where there’s a will there’s usually an away :wink: Not so much if I am trying to hide my base in some small burrow, but Conan ain’t a paper-based -and those witch-portals seem a lot smaller than the Wheels.
(and then there are mods)


Smaller benches and map room would be great.

As it would happen, I would also like a smaller version of the Maproom, but a version unlike any others mentioned thus far. I would like a purely non-functional one measuring either 1×1 or 2×2 foundations at most to use as placeable ornament. About table size would be great.


Acho que posso entender o que você quer mas o que eu quero é direto sem adivinhações. :slight_smile: A versão que eu queria era uma que faz a ligação de siptah com o exilio fixo em uma parte do mapa e não podendo fazer. um mapa parecido com um teleporte que vai ter na 3 terceira temporada para a DG mas levando para siptah esse seria o melhor mapa de todos, e claro podendo viajar somente quem tem a DLC

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Perhaps split current maprooms into sections that can be placed together or separately. Could even add new ways/quests/places for learning each section/destination. New content! Collect them all or only the ones you want or need.

Just speculating. I’m pretty much fine with them as they are.

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