[FEEDBACK] Ingame Map - Marker Limit

Hi all,

so this game has a lot to discover which is very nice.
However I can’t even mark everything thats interesting ( not even counting other player camps etc. ) because the limit for map markers is ridiculously low.

How am I supposed to follow all those journals, notes, lorestones and recips with only 40-50 markers?
Not beeing able to mark everything I need Ingame just forces me to use a third party tool.
Thats actually kind of breaking the immersion that the game creates.

Please raise the limit for mapmarkers to a reasonable value or add some other way for players to track all the lore, interactable Npc’s etc.


Limit of markers on map should be INCREASED, indeed.

Also markers should be removable on PC, currently it is IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE them.

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also maprooms should get markers automatically like how the maximum upgraded altars do.


There is a way to remove Map Markers - see here: Removing custom map markers

I don’t see why after you’ve gotten a recipie you would want to mark it? That being said, you should have a choice to mark anything you want. Hopefully this will get patched. I don’t see why there’s a limit. The system would only be remembering a static icon (or 100) each account. Nowhere near as draining as remembering weapons and the different animations that follow. Until it gets fixed you could do what I do and screenshot each location. I then have a message group that I created as a target so I can label the screenshot when I send it to said message group. Hope that helps until Funcom fixes the limit. :wink:

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Revealing map rooms like that of alters is a terrible idea. It removes all achievement from earning one bylettingothers know where you’ve successfully hid one

Agreed. I don’t want anyone knowing where my main tele location is!

FIrst think of mine? WHY would anyone close access to a maproom…

Then I realized you are playing PVP.

On PVE however knowing each maproom would result in less clogged up maps. Less bases…etc.

So yeah FunCom I want the option for PVE and these PVP nuts can be hidden I don’t care :smiley: :smiley:

Or you could just tell people and they can mark their map. No need to try and ruin things for the rest of the population

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Good idea, but haven’t you read, that the problem is there are not enough custom marker possibilities??? :smiley:

On the other hand not everyone is communicative dispite if they even let the maproom on open.
So it resulted in 6 bases around assgarden each have a maproom now so far, so every one of them is 2x bigger than it should ruined the landscape. If there would be a marker on the map PVE ppl wouldn’t really bother to make another one just next to it.

Funcom needs to separate PVE from PVP anyways otherwise the one interferes with the other like 90% of the time.
For example our bows got nerf because of PVP-er cries that it is too OP… And now it takes forever to kill something as a ranged assassin…
OFC it is good for PVP this way it is ensured knife fights instead of gun fights.

And on PVE there is absolutely no need to see temples on the map can’t even touch the thing created by another player.
But I can see why it is a must/helpful information to have on PVP.

But before we derail the topic too much. YES thank you we need no limits on custom things at all. :smiley:

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I guess some people mark all the recipes and lore locations on the map before they go there so they know where to go.

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Or just want to find it again to help clanmates to find them too. :smiley:

But whatever… I usually mark my bases and other’s bases who needs a lecture… ie for blocking pathway, or “rare” resources. (PVE)

Usually placing markers for Rich grinding areas as well…

or where I left some elevators/stairs for easier time traverse the land.

So yeah a “no limit” of these would be handy in the long run.

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I mark resource clusters. There are tons of interest. I would also love to see the limit removed. Seems like it would be a super easy thing to do…

First I’d like them to fix the map, as of the last update it is completely broken with no map notes outside of where my bed/bedrolls are…

Yea, I just made a thread in regards to that, they need to make different rules for PVE and PVP in terms of the map room.

In PVP clutter can be removed by players but not in PVE, so for PVE map rooms should be visible on the map and Obelisk should be bidirectional, as it is now EVERYONE wants to build a map room near the Obelisk for bidirectional and they lock access off in PVE… so much clutter

On topic, yes more markers I just hit the limit and was surprised

Hit the limit today myself. Incredibly stupid that this even exists. The obelisk locations aren’t even recorded by the default system.

I think a fair and reasonable approach would be to increase our map marker count after X amount of points of interest are discovered. For example, explore 10 points of interest, and you can place an additional map marker. Makes exploring more relevant and rewarding for end-game as well.

Dude I was seriously about to write the exact same thing as you did, thanks for saving me the time, good job :+1: