Request for map improvements

The in-game map is nicely detailed. I find it very useful. It currently has some big problems impacting its usability, though. I’d like to suggest the below improvements. Thank you!

  1. Please remove the limit on map markers. Limiting us to 40 does not appear to serve a purpose. I’d like to be able to mark things I discover in-game on the in-game map. As it stands, I can still mark anything I want, but I need to print out the map and mark things on the printout.

  2. Please fix the right click menu for map markers on PC. Currently, right clicking or left clicking a map marker does nothing. To modify a marker, you must right click (hold), left click (hold), right click release, left click release, alt+tab away from the game, then go back to the game. After doing this, the marker edit window will be open, and you can interact with it. Once you make your changes, you then need to alt+tab out again and come back. This will fix the map moving with your cursor. It seems to me the Edit window should open merely by right clicking an icon.

  3. Please introduce a way for players to share map markers with each other. Not all good base locations have easy to understand landmarks. Friends I play with have resorted to creating a grid system on the previously mentioned map printouts, so we can tell each other hey, I built a base at C7! It’s silly we’re doing this on paper in 2018.