[PC] [BUG] Unable to remove map markers after reaching limit

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

The error message “You have too many player markers” disables the option to remove player markers from the map. This in effect makes it impossible to remove markers after reaching the limit.

(and why on earth is there a limit of 50 markers anyway?)

Repro steps:

  1. make 50 map markers
  2. get error
  3. bang head on table

I can’t remove ‘any’ markers, even with only one on the map. There’s another bug report on this somewhere.
Right clicking on a marker to edit it instead brings up the menu to create a new marker. I can’t edit or delete any custom markers.

Same here PC SP PVP my map markers cannot be deleted.

Same here PC SP PVP custom map markers cannot be deleted from map.

Same here, once you get to the markers limit (50 kinda low IMO), then you only receive the error message everytime you click a marker in an attempt to remove, instead of the usual control, so you are stuck and can’t access any marker details anymore, therefore no marker can be removed.

Richt click only shows the error mesage no option to remove, probably a simple solution would be to add a second button to the error message to delete the marker or just display the usual control with all options disabled except for delete.

Also increasing the marker limit to 100 would be great.

Devs please fix this. Thanks.

Personally, the poor UI and the lack of usability for the map markers has caused me to abandon their use all together. Setting a marker is a pain. Naming a marker is a pain. Removing a marker is a pain.

Because this feature has such poor UI and usability, I simply do not bother with it at all, except to check gravestone markers, and to refresh my memory about a certain POI. I give directions based on existing POIs, and just use the map for reference.

I think it would be awesome if the map was a little more functional. But until it is, I will not bother with fighting with the markers.

I found a way arround for this bug, but this require a XBOX Controller on PC. The ui is buggued, but the marker deletion work if you use a xbox controller, with it, you can select the marker, select the delete icon (black square with a red line) and valid.
Be aware that when you will plug out the controller if like me you want go back as keyboard - moust right after, you will hgave a message “replug the controller”, so do it in a safe place and ready to eventually restart your game after.

I have the same issue than you right now.

On PC we can’t edit or delete map markers in the normal way regardless of having reach the maximum number of markers.

Besides using an xbox controler, someone found another workaround using the mouse:

on the icon you want to edit or delete:

  • rmb - keep pressed
  • lmb - keep pressed
  • release rmb
    (edit marker box comes up with the name of the marker, map sticks to mouse cursor, mouse buttons are unresponsive)
  • press win key (to enable mouse buttons)
  • move mouse cursor to the edit marker box and edit or delete as usual
    (map still sticks to mouse cursor, just left click to release)
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I ran into that too, very annoying. Why is a limit of 50 set? The map got considerably larger when the volcano & jungle biome were added. Fixing this should be pretty minor!!
Fix it Funcom.

OMG this works! Thank you sooooo much!