Cant delete map markers

like the title says I cant seem to delete map markers, its like not being able to cross names off my kill list D:
Im talking about player placed markers on the map.

You can delete it but you have to use joystick .I plug in my joystick and easily remove the marker.

There’s a workaround. Hold right click, then hold left click then release right and alt tab out and back. lets you delete it. Close the map to release the map grab.

Ill try that thanks for the tip!

Yea any controller lets you do it aswell if you have one for Xbox or similar.

Kinda stupid they dont just fix it, and are more busy making DLC’s to sell. its been a bug for a along time. But you know corporate greed now a days in most firms.

As a matter of fact this is already fixed on TestLive with the patch that went out last week. You are now able to use Mouse and Keyboard to delete markers. :slight_smile:

Until testlive comes to prod. You can use this workaround.

“Once you place a map marker hover your cursor over the map marker. Now click and hold right click and then click and hold left click and release right click then release left click. At this point you should have a box appear with the same symbol as your map marker highlighted in the box and your cursor will have “grabbed” hold of the map. Then you have to Alt + tab out to your desktop and again back into the game before you can click anything in the box. You should now be able to select the red /, do so, click delete and your marker is gone.”

Thanks for fixing this bug. I can properly delete the map marker.