Map markers limit and can't remove them

Any workaround? I know you can’t even remove them now if not using a controller (which I dont have xD) but now I found out I have reached map marker limit, and cant even get the menu to try to remove em even with a controler.

Amazing XD just lost a functionality which I really liked

Yes, it’s a bit tricky work-around but you can remove them on PC too, just with mouse.

Click and HOLD RMB on the marker you want to delete.
Now click and HOLD LMB too.
Now release RMB.
What you should see now is the marker box filled out with your custom marker’s name. But when you try to move the pointer to it, the map has gone all weird with scrolling.
Don’t despair, just alt-tab out of the game and then back in, and you’ll see the scrolling stops.
Then click the / - icon so the OK button changes to “Delete”, and then click Delete.

Bit of a hassle, but at least lets you remove custom map markers.


Sounds good, it’s not like I completely understood it, but got enough to give it another try xD.

Did you check the screenshot? Because it doesn’t even allow me to make the marker menu appear (the one with the red delete icon which doesnt work) as it says I have all markers full xD.

Ah, I hope this approach where you open an existing marker works at least, otherwise it seems you’re in trouble xD

Short recap to be clearer:

  1. Right-click your own marker and keep mouse button pressed
  2. Now left-click and hold mouse button.
  3. Release right mouse button.
  4. Alt-tab out of game, then back.
  5. Click red slash, then delete.
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thanks! I hope it works XD I liked to place map markers for everything! I will have to suggest an increase to map markers cap XDD

thanks alot for your info! will give it a try asap!!

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