PC Map Marker Bug - use USB controller to delete marker

Game mode: [Online | PVE | Private Server]
Problem: [Bug | Map | markers]
Region: [EU]

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I can’t remove markers from the MAP on PC.
If I plugin my USB controller I get a courser and I can remove the markers.

Unlisted YouTube Video showing the issue and temporary solution:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Placed markers can’t be removed
    2.Plugin USB controller to manage your markers

I just tried this and it works.

Thanks for the tip!

The controller actually brings up “Edit Marker” whereas the mouse only brings up “Add Marker”.


You can try this, but it looks like a pain.

Good luck. I haven’t even tried it since I have a controller (which I only use to edit/delete map markers!).

The windows key method worked for me, its not complicated, but it is convoluted. lol

Thank you! I’ve had a couple out dated map markers for a while now that were really bugging me.