Removing custom map markers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I cannot remove a marker I previously added to the map, e.g. where my clan’s base buildings are spread out, etc.
Previously, if you right-clicked a marker, chose the ‘Delete’ icon (the red slash), the OK button would change to ‘Delete’ and it would work. Now it doesn’t.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open world map.
  2. Add a custom map marker and click ‘OK’.
  3. Right-click custom map marker.
  4. Choose ‘delete’ icon (the red slash)
  5. OK button changes to ‘Delete’ but when you click it, the custom map marker doesn’t get removed.
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Got a controller?

No, I play on PC - so only using mouse + keyboard.

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same bug here and PC two

Markers are buggy since the release for me, I just use a screen of the map to mark what I need to now X)

I’ve got a workaround…

Tested with Windows 10 playing in Borderless Window Mode:

Step 1: Move the coursor over your Mapmarker - press and hold rightclick
Step 2: press and hold leftclick while still holding rightclick
Step 3: Release rightclick while still holding leftclick

You should now be able to modify your Mapmarker - however I had the problem that I couldn’t move the mouse now - mousemovement was just moving the map instead of the coursor.

To solve this issue:
Step 4: Press the windowskey on your keyboard
( windows startmenue should pop up overlapping your gamewindow )
Step 5: Hover your mouse over the delete button ( / ) and select it
Step 6: click delete

Hope that helps anyone…


Ugh, geeze. It’s cool you found a way to get the mouse to work but I’ll stick to using a controller as my workaround. It works perfectly on PC but of course not everyone has a controller to hook up, so I’m sure your method will be useful for some.

I will test this with Win7. I do hope it works.

Tested on Win7 It works perfectly. Thanks bro for the sharing

Thanks for this, tip. I can finally remove my decayed outposts location. I do not have a gamepad for the other workaround.

Kind of works with Win7. The Right-hold, Left click process works to gain the edit window; however, in order to release the map scroll after editing, I have to leave the map and return. In order to edit the name of the marker, I have to tab out of the game and tab back in. (leaving the map drops the edit window)

The start menu will not show up over the game window on my system. Everything happens in the background.

WOW. Thank you so much. I could delete the markers. :heart_eyes: