Maproom and teleport question

Hi all!
I’m planning to build maproom, but first I wanna know a detail I’m not sure about.

After you build maproom what happens? All teleport monolites could be used to start teleport or just as destation? To start a teleport I can only use a maproom?

So should I build a maproom for each place from where I wanna usually start a teleport? Or can I use the closest teleport monolite to start a teleport?

hi there,

you can only teleport from maproom to obelisks and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, assuming you have already visited these obelisks previously. you can only teleport to an obelisk you have visited at least once and that you have made your char interact with it, think the word in English is “atune” or sthing…

Have fun !


So I can do more than a map room? Like one in desert, one in forest, one on ice and so on, to start teleport from different placeS?

Yeah, as many as you want and have materials for!

and space… :wink:

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I found the map itself to be rather picky about nearby objects, so I build a maproom like this:
First I put enough foundations on the ground to fit the map, then place the map and after placing the map I build the walls and roof.

Yep, it was my intention too. :slight_smile:
10x10, so I can build walls. :wink:

Thank you all for suggestions, guys! Thank you!

be carefull if you plan of building a roof or Something above your map room, coz if you are as greedy as i was you could end up with non working teleporting pedestal.
wait i check if i can find a pict of my bugged maproom so you see what i mean…

see the triangle foundations? every pedestal caught in those foundations is not working.

Seeing I don’t play on a server (I do local coop with my wife), I plan to left my maproom open sky.

But I’ll still do 10x10 In case I change my mind about walls.
Thank for suggestion. :wink:

then you Don’t need to worry about that stuff :smiley:

I built it on 9x9, then placed the walls as close to the map as possible without actually touching the map and I was able to close the roof, with the help of a few columns.
Advice: NEVER try to move the map once it has been laid down, it is VERY possible that you cannot set it down again, even in the exact space it was before…

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