Server Setting to Disable Map Rooms & Teleportation?

Is there a server or admin command to disable map rooms & teleportation? We’d like to promote exploration and travel and the consequences of dying afar. Thanks for your input.

No. Only way it can be done is with mods.

I’m willing to use mods. Can you recommend one? I’ll begin the search. Thanks!!!

I’ve only see a mod that disables map rooms and corruption stones.

I don’t think it disables the obelisks nor do I know of a mod that does that (yet). Hope that helps somewhat anyway.

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Anyone know how I can change the material cost on a map room? Making it too expensive to craft could be a solution.

Again with a mod only but if you block the feat for the maprooms, people won’t be able to use the obelisks because there will be no maprooms.


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