Update 3.0 broke map rooms

it seems that the map rooms are now broken since 3.0, they still sort of work but the broken part is that when you select a location to teleport to that obelisk, it now sends you to some random place or another obelisk that is NOT the one you were trying to go to

I’m not having that problem, unless I’m riding a horse and trying to teleport while the horse is moving. I’ve learned that if the horse is not completely still, sometimes the game will think I’ve moved on to the next obelisk when I interact with the map room and send me there instead.

What platform are you playing on? Do you have any mods? Stuff like that could help Funcom determine if it’s a bug or not.

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Not seeing that issue, and I use map rooms a lot. Is it one particular destination Obelisk or more?

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i haven’t had this issue either.

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I’m on pc, we are running pippi, less building restrictions, and mod manager, that is all for mods, this is what is happening, when we go to a map room and select an obelisk to port to, we can port but for instance, when selecting the mounds obelisk, it sends us to unnamed city, or jungle obelisk sends us to the swamp ect

A mod being busted sounds pretty reasonable here. I also have not had this issue and I run vanilla server.

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Both of these examples involve a misport to the adjacent obelisk. Going counterclockwise, the Mounds obelisk is 2nd and the Unnamed City is 3rd, right next to it. Likewise, the jungle obelisk is 7th and the swamp is 8th.

Dunno what could be causing that, but it’s likely to be a mod.

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I am playing on a server, vanilla, no mods, freshly wiped and maprooms sometimes don´t work at all. You click the destination and nothing happens. A lot of people on the server report the same thing. Something is defenitly up with the maprooms.

Teleportation to a random position on the map I have not yet encountered, but that doesn´t mean ofc its not happening.

fixed, apparently after server restart…now seems to be working fine, we did have to replace the current map rooms with fresh ones but at any rate it seems to be fixed

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