[STOP ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR] Be able to travel to previous map / block building around obelisks!

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Made this topic on suggestion area, but i think it’s a general thing too. Close the unecessary location if you think it’s necessary.

Ok… I will have to complain about this.

For the most part, i’m a solo player. I play survival games online because i like to see other people bases and have the feeling of danger. But clans blocking obelisks are not danger, it’s just abusive.

Yesterday i made a fast travel to the forest area, and was blocked inside an empty base but with wall that i can’t climb. Had to ask for a member of this clan to release me. They are not bad people, but i think they don’t understand that what they’re doing is kind of abusive and drives people away from the game. I can’t, for example, wait for a member of this clan to be online to release me, it is not fun or threatening, just boring.

Because of this i have a really simple suggestion. Make it possible to travel from the obelisk to the preivous map! Or make it impossible to build around obelisk area! While some people may think it’s “fun”, it’s the same thing that drives people away from the game. Don’t complain about a game being “dead” if you have this kind of behavior.

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Besides, not all PvE servers block Obilisks.

I built public maprooms (with drinking wells even) on all useful obilisks on a PvE server, with anti-griefing buffer-zones around them.

It sets a friendlier community.


This is nice too.

And it’s not “part of the game”. It is something the devs didn’t think of. Like i said, a play at pvp, and wait for a clan member to release me or kill me is just boring. Sometimes they take ages to be online.

PVE players are really friendly. But CE lacks PVE danger like ark, so i prefer to play at pvp.

My pvp server have some fights, but if you don’t mess with someone, they’re almost friendly.

But this samed friendly clan is responsible of this kind of behavior. I will talk to them, but i don’t want to be “hunted” i they don’t like my point… If at least we could transfer our character, pets and building pieces like in ark, i could just move from server.

Dominate is not “block fast travel”

It’s a misconception. Just because the game tells you to “dominate”, it don’t means you need to block obelisks. Maybe your clan do it, and that’s why you don’t like my point.

It’s an abusive behavior, because even at PVE it can be done.

Let me give you an example:

If you want to dominate, you could destroy enemy bases, use siege weapons, explosives, kill enemy players, and another things. That’s what the devs mean by “dominate”.

Blocking obelisks is just dumb and an easy exploit, it’s not even fair because it afects the entire server, not only enemy clans.

And like i said, don’t complain about lack of players if you drive them away with this kind of “part of the game” thinking

Another example:

A fair thing would be to knock a player, drag him and them trap in a jail until he decides to remove bracelet or wait for a miracle (if it was possible). Block obelisk is just an exploit that ruins the fun of players that don’t have nothing to do with the enemy clans.


And like i say, it’s the kind of behavior that drives player away. If your clan want to use this grasshopper behavior, it will have a negative impact on the number of player online, and with time, servers will be even more empty.

Area denial in a GAME (supossed to be fun) is not dominate, it’s just abusive behavior. But like i said, your clan do this, so you will always defend your point because you are the “dominating” clan. Have fun with empty servers.

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It’s not holding hand, it’s making the game fair. If you have a fast travel option, it needs to be just a fast travel, not a way to trap players.

Conan Exiles holds your hand in almost every unecessary thing. There’s no real PVE danger, waters are safe and creatures and bosses are just too easy at lvl 60 (just sponges).

I already use diplomacy, but it’s not you that need to wait for more then 10 hours (didn’t happen yet, but they tend to be offline for hours) for a clan member to be online and help you.

This misconception that players have in survival games is really near toxic, even if they don’t have this notion. Just because you can, don’t mean you need.

You can kill anyone in real life, do you need to kill?

You can argue that’s the diference, it’s a game, but a game is supposed to be fun. When a clan is blocking all fast travel areas, it’s not fun, it’s just boring as hell.


That’s my whole point man!

A way to teleport back to previous map room

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ahah, well, we don’t need to fight then xD

I agree with you with this option.


That’s why the teleport back option seems to be the better way.

I know that suggesting to make it impossible to build may be exaggeration, but it was the two solutions that i tought.

I don’t mind area blocking if i have a way to at least teleport back to the same map i used. So if i find the area blocked i can just go back and then walk instead of fast travel and farm a lot of explosives / avatar to blast these walls xD

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I’ve never blocked an obs and I think it’s annoying as fq when people do it, but blocking routes and resources are legit tactics.

Kill yourself and use thralls / pets to get your gear back.


I play on the same server and two important resources are blocked. As a guy who needs to ask to get into those places, I think it’s a perfectly solid strat. My job is disruptor as a solo, this makes sense to me.

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You block the well of skelos, to keep people from playing the game or to keep people from playing the game? What server are you playing on?

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I dont know why I thought u were on xbox :frowning: I take it your on pc lol

Ha its cool lol I wanted to test your castle but sadly im on consoles until I can afford a gaming pc

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I wonder if its easier to play on pc than consoles :relieved: I hope so ! Thats my biggest fear besides the 1k price for a pc… Lol

Im buying a 1060 gtx from i buypower not messing with the builds until im familar with pcs more . Currently taking an IT course .

Pc is 860 ish in price but the monitor n taxes kill it. Good thing about pc is the game will most likely have more players filling up servers than consoles plus the text chat im sooooo excited for that!

Sweet, Thats good to know ! I was worried about conan exiles requirements its a huge game and my xbox can barely handle it. I have the one S.

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Well… My PC runs the game fine, but freezes too much around my base, a small one. It’s weird because it don’t freezes with other player bases.

I have a good PC, not the best, but a PC capable to play some demanding games on ultra or high

I think you need a really expensive PC to really run it fine