Stupid Question Time 2.0

Hey Conanites,
1 I keep hearing about all these great places to explore where are they?
I even have been in Unamed city and found stuff.
Only state the general area I will find them.
Can’t even see my map because of so many waypoints from the game and from my own.
Found many Bosses even got rolled by Thunderfoot this morning.
2.We need 2 more quick slots for all the different tools we need for harvesting Npc’s and a compass, even if its a bowl and floating pin.
Thanks All

What need is there for a compass? The sun rises on one horizon, and sets on another. Same with the moon. Should be able to tell your direction by the cosmos.

Have you been to the Black Keep, Frost Giant lair or the Dregs? Those are the big 3 dungeons to explore.

May I suggest line-of-sight waypoints? I learned this from real-world compassing: give a name to certain items that you see on the horizon. As you grow more experienced, name items in your nearer field of view. Once you have named them you have a mnemonic hook to which you can attach for map orienteering.

In caves I like to follow the bodies like breadcrumbs. I’m kidding. If there are crystals, I leave a small cluster toward the exit. That way, if a human enemy stumbles in, he might get lost or have to pop a torch. Easy kill plus what’s in his wallet, all thanks to no compass. ;D


Greetings All,
Yes I have been to Dregs thanks and I saw the Black up in snow territory.
No I though there were way more around by some of the posts.
Thanks again

Thank you will do.