Can we Please get a Compass In Conan Exiles!

Is there any plan to add a Compass in the game? I’m not even asking for a Minimap (Which would be awesome) but just a compass, so I don’t have to open my map so much for directions. Please add a Compass!! Thanks.


@Larathiel you are not alone.


Not a bad idea!

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How about putting it in at survival 2 perk? Then it would be worth getting.


There is no need for a compass. The map is not that big and a simple M will get you all the land navigation you need.
Compasses only are needed for unknown terrain movement.
U.S. Army map reading instructor retired.


While I agree that you don’t need a compass for navigation. It is extremely useful for us who do have access to a compass in Conan for coordinating people. When I see someone’s dot on my minimap, I can’t tell where their left or right is, so I tell them a cardinal direction to move.

With a compass they don’t need to open the map, which could open themselves to being blindsided.



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As a item? I guess?

Not to hard to open map… but RP wise I guess it be neat. Really only few spots in North do I ever get turned around. XD

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Well, why not. We can already build running water fountains, explosives, drawbridges, catapults, and elevators. A compass should be a piece of cake.

In The Exiled Lands, I never really needed a compass because once you know the land it’s easy to tell where you are going.
But on The Isle of Spitah, especially in the middle, everything looks the same and it’s hard to tell where you are going.


Survival perk 2 for a compass actually sounds like a great idea, @Charmain. That would certainly be more compelling than using slightly less water.

As for the reason why it’s important, it’s less necessary for navigating the map than it is for coordinating with other players during a purge, or riding horses across Siptah during a storm, etc. At moments like those, it really improves coordination between those that you’re on voice or even text chat with.

I can tell you that after one of my friends coded a compass mod for our PvE server, that it really improved cooperative teamwork, and made exploring on horseback easier. I’d be all for including it in the base game so those on Consoles or Official servers could enjoy the same benefit.


No need 4 that at all and it will never be in the game.

would be nice to not have a map from the begining, its something that bugs me out.

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If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have a map. And if you wanted to get it, you’d need to complete a certain chapter of journey steps. Thus proving you’re character getting to know the land. But even then you wouldn’t have a marker, and would need to terrain features to navigate.

This way @Hyborian_Jones can facepalm when an LT gets lost again :smile:

Perks for journey steps… now that’s a base level idea that isn’t bad.

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Don’t understand why some people seem to think a compass or even a map shouldn’t be in the game. You walk up to a tablet and it speaks to you but drawing a simple map or making a compass sounds extreme?

Besides that I like the Survival Perk Idea, or even make the Compass like something you craft and until then you don’t have it.

But for the record I just would like to see one added as a Quality of Life thing to navigate better vs opening the map every 10 seconds to make sure I’m still going the right way.


I kinda like that you learn to navigate by landmarks instead.

I recently played some DayZ… And It’s not that I want the map removed from CE, but I actually found it fun to navigate by the sun, landmarks and a map on my tablet. You learn the landscape in a whole other way when you’re like “ok I have to pass that treeline, follow the powerlines till the road, then go right along the road till the next forest” etc.

Too much easy navigation makes you look on compass and dots more than the actual landscape… AC Valhalla is a terrible example of this. I Like the game but you’re funneled in to chasing dots instead of enjoying the view.

Also since you already have compass (and map) by a keypress, I think it’s a terrible idea for a perk. It wouldn’t add anything new, it would just save you 2 seconds once in a while.

After some time you learn the map anyway and don’t even need to check it 95% of the time. I pretty much only use the compass if I have to navigate when it’s really dark.

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Moving thread to suggestions.

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Please take it as a good suggestion.

During a purge my wife and I are always trying to figure who should go where and the map dot for players doesn’t work up close. It could be like the map room and we need to learn it.


We just used different landmarks/buildings/directions.

Like front/back of base, outer towers, inner/outer courtyard etc

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True. I watch her screen at times we play together in the same room and the TVs are close.