Compass and/or mini-map please?

Could we have a small Compass in one of the top corners? Something that tells us which way we are facing, and maybe even contains mini-map? With dots to represent other players? Stopping my run while being chased so I can look at the map is hot rink gameplay, especially when the map takes 45 seconds to load.


make both in game craftable item & get rid of the extra-diegetic map plz

I would love a compass built into the game. As survivalists this could be explained by our natural ability to recognize our direction (via the position of the sun and other factors). I don’t think a mini map would be as fun but the compass concept is great.

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Please, alsjeblieft, por favor, onegaishimasu, proszę, merci…:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Its Conan people…pre historic times… There were not compasses. or, his was the sun and stars…but no, please do not get rid of the map as well.

I don’t think anyone is asking to get rid of the map lol. And there are ways to make very simple compasses, all you need to do is google primitive or improvised compasses and I’m sure some how to videos will come up. I think as a play mechanic it’s a fair thing to ask for. For role playing reasons they should also allow those who don’t want to use it to turn it off in the options.

There weren’t maps either back then.

Or bridges or coffee or alcohol or metal smelting…

You get the point.


I’m pretty sure from reading the Wikipedia, Conan is set in prehistoric times just before ancient civilisation & they did have metals then. There was also a form of ancient cartography. I don’t know much about this but it sounds super interesting.

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Conan is set around 10000BC. That is the time of the made up Hyborian Age by the creator of the books.

Iron being smelted didn’t happen until 2500BC

Maps, like the one in this game, at earliest happened in 7000BC

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Ah cool. I was looking at the Conan barbarian wiki, not hyborian age page. I totally guessed at time going from what was there so ty for the correction and more precise time! I’d actually been wondering and trying to pin that for a little while :blush: :+1:t4:

The compass is much needed. I have no idea why such a simple thing hasn’t been implemented yet. Even on the PC there is a mod… How about bring some love to the Xbox and PS4 and give us a compass!