Give us a compass please


i get why we dont have a natural one on screen, but for all that is holy let us craft one to carry that then does place it on screen i dont care if i have to hold it something is better then blindly walking around


lol ooops damn typos


It’s something I’ve forwarded to the developers as a suggestion. :slight_smile:


Being able to move while the map is out would be also neat


agreed i know i can read a map and walk at the same time lol


They would need to add some transparency to the map then, otherwise you could run right through a pack of hyenas or something. But it would be nice to at least be able to get my bearing without having to open and close the map 20 times.


A map as a physical item like the idea with the compass. You should be able to take it out and holding it in your hand, like ARK’s map system.


That would be much better/preferred.


I also like the idea of having no map at all in the beginning. So that you have to craft it first.


yea i kinda like that idea too


Great suggestion! I would like to see a craftable compass – it makes sense you don’t have one at the start, but maybe level 20ish/30ish you can craft one.


I would also like to see a craftable compasd and map. Maybe even one that starts blank and only fills in once the player has visited each area


fog of war def would be nice


What they should do is add Longitude and Latitudes to the map, The map is large enough to not only get lost in between points of interest but in chats ( Since there is no physical ingame chat box :pensive: ) its reverted to sending screenshots of locations to players in the chat, and if they arent added as friends you need to add and go through this whole process instead of saying 20-15 for example… Theres LOTS of room to improve in this game which HAS potential to extremely surpass ARK… BUT, ARK has alot more control for admins and players in alot of regards like being able to destroy decayed structures that arent placed on foundations :face_with_raised_eyebrow: as one example of many.


agreed, the cords would be welcomed for sure


I JUST really hope that funcom isnt as ignorant to player suggestions as ARK is, Ark is really broken, and Exiles has the base of a great game with a great concept. I hope that unlike Wildcrd, Funcom actually cares about our gameplay more than they do the Income…


Yeah I sorta get why as finding enemy bases without cords makes it harder and need team cooperation in organized raids rather than everyone go to 10.8.16 by 11.4 and destroy them
Half of the fun is the hunt but yes a directional compass even on the overlay wouldn’t be too much .,but a map ehhh I don’t know bout that one…
Sorry sometimes you get all spun around and having to click out to find a direction is a mega pain in the bum


please dont give us compass. the actual immersion is good.


so carrying one you craft around and have to hold to use isnt immersive?


piratess used them irl why not in a video game?