A compass please!

It’s not like making a compass is hard in real life, we even have the materials in game to make really good ones as we have iron, glass, and oil.

I am just getting really tired of walking east when I meant to be walking west because I got turned around in a fight.

I mean I know the area around my house pretty good, but having to pull up the map every single time I want to make sure I am moving towards something, especially when being chased is really irritating.


All you have to do is check your map, just like checking a compass


I wish I had one as well. I don’t need one on the HUD or anything just one I can hold in my hand and look at.

I only support it if it is optional, i dont want to have a permanent compass in my HUD.

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Yea that’s what I want. Like they have in sea of thieves. A compass I can pull out of my inventory and look at while I’m running around.


You mean like the map?

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Yea, a compass would help, it’s easy to get turned around when your getting mobbed by five rhinos and an elephant , just trying to make it back to your base for the purge :wink:

The map can be used for this purpose, but it’s true that it’s a bit annoying to constantly open it up. Maybe a simple compass that can be displayed on screen when equipped (instead of a weapon for instance). Plus, eventually you’ll still be opening the map to find your exact location. The compass would just be useful for a general heading.

No, I believe he means an item, like a tool that you hold in your hand and look at whilst you’re running. This would have worked in 1st person, but not so well in 3rd.

I agree it’s not so hard to just look at your map, but it does mean you have to stop running to check. I can understand why he would want to be able to check his direction whilst on the move.

No what I was saying is that everyone can do exactly what he just described by using the map and no new game mechanic or item is needed to accomplish finding what direction you are headed

I don’t use it but I’m pretty sure you keep moving with auto run on

Yes. I use my map while auto-running.
Compass really isn’t necessary. I prefer to have less clutter on the HUD and wish I could remove a few things already. Once you learn the landscape, you hardly even need a map.

After playing for a while I really have no use for the bars at the top left but I can’t hide them without hiding everything else, like inventory windows for containers and such.

Being able to scale down the UI would also be awesome.


We don’t have auto run on ps4 just FYI so a compass would help while running from mobs. Also I already play in first person so wouldn’t bother me any.

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I’m sure an optional compass item wouldn’t bother you much either. So no additional UI clutter unless you craft it yourself. But absolutely, you can solve the problem with auto running and opening the map.

Although I am a fan of redundancy when it comes to UI design. A handful of various systems for solving similar problems helps cater to various user preferences. As long as they are optional it shouldn’t bother anyone. :grinning:

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Compass?! for Hyborian age?! NO… no compass or spyglass… I would even prefer to have world map just as it is in ARK. FULL “FOG OF WAR” so you really need to explore to see what is there and have it uncovered on your MAP. There is also just too many markers on the map. And even seeing your own position on the map is lame…

This not even a survival game, it is PvP game and that makes me sad… I like the game, but it is too easy… (i am not talking about PvP because it really sux…)

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I’m not interested, i think that a compass is useless in game.
I prefer learn the territory.

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