New Item - Compass

I suggest you give us a simple compass we can craft, once crafted it will show a compass on our hud top right area…

why ? well when your with your friends and chasing someone its nice to be able to say… hey man he is running north… not say… he is over here guys… because well you can’t see where your friends are on the map… but a compass could help solve some of those issues.


Yes please. A compas would be soo useful, even if it only works when you are holding it

I don’t even care if it’s a DLC. Do it.

Could be another use for corrupted stones. Maybe they resonate and can triangulate direction from the obelisks?

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I would love a compass.

bump cause a compass would be so damn useful

I agree. A compass is would be great. I purchased the game and would love to start playing again but I spend more time running in circles LOL.

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