This game needs an in hud compass at the very least

I think it would be REALLY cool if you could make it a craftable item. Something like a trinket you can equip. When you do, it gives you a compass on your HUD. I can navigate fine, but I often have to check my map JUST to see which direction im going, not necessarily where I am at and where i’m going. Maybe make it part of learning how to make the map room?

This is basic land nav requirements. Anyone in the army or scouts will tell you that.

Watching some of the twitch streams, i noticed a lot have a mini map /compass mod. This should really be incorporated into the game IMO.

I agree. I COULD use the sun and moon, but its no different then looking at a compass. If they are gonna give us a map for this game, then surely a compass must come with it.

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I can fully agree they should have a compass like skyrim’s or something it would be pretty nifty and handy and maybe a mini map too


Would the compass be based off the map? Or the placement of the sun?

A RL compass is based off of magnetic north, not the sun, why would an in game compass be different?

Magnetic compass is a fairly new invention, just of 2k years old and wasn’t used for navigation until later on. Being that the conan universe takes place on earth, I thought it would be safe to assume the sun would follow vaguely similar patterns as it does now. Sorry.

Been few request for it, During last reddit QnA, it was mention about mini map., its possable, but it would be Server option for on and off.

I’ve asked for minecraft type one as well, that could be made… I tend to look at Sun, and if thats fails, I’ll break down and open mini map. XD

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