Mini-Map o compass. ¿?

I propose a minimap to help with locations or compass for all players.


No Thanks, I’m still kinda hoping for Fog of War on Map. (which is easy open as is)

But sadly, I know 95% of map by heart now…

I would also enjoy a item we hold for a compass and map. XD

I doubt a compass could work properly in the Exile Land given how strange the Sun’s and Moon’s behaviour is. Imo, the north, south, east and west are all messed up by the high level of magic used during the war that created this land.

Would love the map linked to a carried item.
Starting players can find the map for the river with the waterskin then as you progress to different areas npc can drop maps to other areas.
Then the cartography skill allows you to make your own. But yeah I pretty much know the map by heart as well.
Mini map and compass could be good as long as it’s toggled, maybe make it so when the map / compass is in the offhand you get the mini map.

I’ll bring it up again, I love the way minecraft does it, create paper, then turn it into a map. And then upgrade it.
Compass is simple item, that works even when in inventory.

Never been fan of onscreen compass, Always been sun rises in east and sets in west, and look at my shadow for time of day kinda person. XD

We play on two modded servers that have mini maps. No Thanks

We would rather keep the official servers deaf, dumb, and blind

Open map. See the direction where your character’s location arrow is pointing. Close map. That’s how I learned to orientate. One gets used to that pretty quickly.

I got a weird glitch once during early access where my game crashed and upon reloading, I found myself in the Highlands - and I had barely seen my first Dogs of the Desert camp by that time. After running into my first wolves (holy smokes, were they meanies to a newbie like myself) I pointed myself towards the south based on the big map and ran like my life depended on it, which it did, until I found familiar places.

The only time I’ve felt a need for minimaps and compasses are in some dungeons. Black Keep and Wine Cellar are kinda confusing.

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