Adding a Minimap

A minimap with a compass on top right corner of the screen would be helpful.

Having yourself as an arrow in the center of the minimap while the map shifts itself when you move. It would also be nice to see your clanmates in the minimap and some servers could allow seeing other players. This could be helpful being able to locate your target from the huge map.

Adding creatures on the minimap could be interesting, but debatable.

This minimap could also be a craftable item. At lower level, you only unlock the map and higher level you unlock perks such as seeing your clan members, monsters, chests, dungeons, and players.

I’m currently brainstorming, so if you have any suggestion, feel free to add. I think it could be very interesting to have in game.

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I can see this as an option for mod/private servers but not on official.

The survival element must force you to know your environment, even pressing M all the time to understand the surroundings, I like the way you gotta learn the map, and when you do a certain route often, you end up getting familiar with the area, sometimes I open the map just by protocol, leaving for a trip, then i’ll open it to see where I will go, and navigating the way after leaving my area.

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I’m already questioning where we got the map from, now you want a compass and a mini map as, all which must have been stuffed up your bum before being captured. The only way this would be ok is if you spawn after character creation with a few stacks of bleeding from pulling a compass out of there. You really don’t need the mini map or the compass, I feel it would take away from expiring a lot and you’d be staring at a mini map (what would you see on the mini map anyways?) instead of exploring the world

Yeah i really want a minimap feature.
Now i know the map, but i’m always opening it to be sure to be in the right way and it’s a bit annoying.