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For fun it would be nice to be able to craft a compass when used on bar (right or left not really important (preference call?) ) shows you what direction you are going (North, South, East, West) shown beside your Environment icons below your health and stamina bars.


I’d take it. I get lost in the Redwoods all the time. I hate having to stop my horse open the map, and reorient myself. A small minimap/compass would be nice. If no one else wants it, they can toggle it off like the other on-screen items (Journey steps for example).

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I like that you would have to put it in your hotbar to get the icon. I think that would be a fair price for decreasing the survival difficulty.


That is what I had in mind as well. Sort of like trading defense for a torch.


I’d like the idea if they removed the map. And really made the compass useful. Could even have tiers of compass where the lower ones have some jiggle on them so they’re not entirely accurate.

But then again I’m an old EQ player, so I’m used to such sadistic misdirection. Least I’m not suggesting that we have to raise a sense heading skill.

A compass will be a nice addition for new players who are not familiar with the map. I don’t think it will help people like me who get lost while following google map directions. I am not sure what you mean by on bar (left/right). If it is an item that takes one of the very limited slots we already have, I don’t think it will be something I would use, I would rather open the map. However, I have seen a mod that adds an extra icon.

This is something I wouldn’t mind.

I like it.

Especially if you have to go find it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For me, a hud compass would be a no.

A crafted inventory compass you have to click to use, like a sword or something - more useful in first person mode… Sure, have at.

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Now that I think about it. It’s a bit of a no from me as well. Especially if it wasn’t an option to turn off. It would get in the way more than it would help.

Are people really losing their cardinal directions in the game?


I did in the first few days or weeks (maybe) of playing but only for brief moments. For me a hud compass would take me out of the land (ie. immersion & RP) way too much. It’s a crutch. And I don’t even think it’s period or lore-friendly - dunno. I wanna hafta depend on landmarks and the terrain - that’s likely more “barbarian” … -=shrug=- At least I can’t really imagine Arnie running around with a compass… What’s next, opera-glasses and telescopes?

I think no map and no compass would be even better. Let the map reveal itself like in 7 days to die, Valheim, or even GTA. I mean we’re supposed to be stranded in this place without even cloths to wear at first - why do we have a map? LOL

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Compass helps if you get turned around specially after darkness for many players. With a few of my friends it is one the things they dislike the most about night (I like the night and wish personally it was longer) and the only alternative is to stay put till day or constantly watch the map in between watching for dangerous areas at night.


I like this idea. There could be two versions: a compass you must equip like a weapon and a consumable one that gives you the benefit during a determined amount of time. (Basically a cheap compass and an expensive compass). I also find odd that the map doesn’t start with some kind of fog of war.

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The fog of war is an interesting idea to me actually . I am not sure why the game doesn’t have it though it might be a balance or an entry QoL thing for new players. It could also be to show off the map (it is cool looking) early to get people excited to go to specific areas that would not be visible under a fog of war unless it was only partial.

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