Mini-Map in the HUD

Let me start off by saying I really like this game. The gameplay is amazing even with the several ghost bosses and npcs I’ve been killed by, that happens. But one of the more difficult concepts to tolerate is having to pull up my map every 60 steps to make sure I’m still heading in the right direction. I think the game would become phenomenally better with the addition of a mini map or even a compass bar in the HUD. If this could be implemented, I know my friends and I would greatly appreciate this addition

Crafted compass ok
Minimap no, remember its a survival game, not a MMO.

It breaks the inmersion.


Crafted compass would be neat.

I doubt most players’ll know how to use a compass without a minimap attached to it. Given that sun doesn’t raise in the east and doesn’t set in the south in the Exiles Land, I’ve doubt a compass could work normally and will be useful.

A mini map would just add unnecessary clutter to the hud but as has been said all that’s needed is a compass.

Not sure how anybody would need a mini map to use a compass, if i’m at the bridge of the betrayer and wanted to go to the dregs the map tells me it’s south,southwest knowing this all I’d need to do is follow the compass and check the map every so often to make sure i’m still on course if something was blocking my path I’d navigate around it find my new bearing and head that way simples.

Imo the only way a mini map would work is if they made the map an item you can hold and view in first person that’s available when needed and not cluttering the hud when it’s not.

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Would like to have a compass, would make not bringing up map every minute to check still on course or to give directions. Even if you had to get the recipe to craft it.

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Crafted compass would make the really nice compass icon mod obsolete :slight_smile:

I was on my way to suggest the same, crafted compass would be very neat. As for yourself in game, checking your heading shouldn’t require a map check every minute. You need to check far on your horizon for some landmarks to keep you on point. Also direct paths aren’t safe paths. Sometimes you have to say, alright ill follow the river north. it may wander but it gets you there and gives you more predictable mobs and a good sight line.

Minimap / compass / HUD navigation tool have an advert effect on games where exploration is supposed to be part of the game : it removes most of the exploration part.

Player just follow whatever HUD they have instead of exploring, looking at, and learning to navigate the world build for them to explore.

So the absence of a HUD navigation tool is a delibarate and sound design choise made by Funcom folks. (They stated this several times)

And i doubt they would - or even should - reverse their judgement on that subject.

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instead of a mini-map tied to extra-diegetic HUD, i would like to have an actual map item that could be use in order to navigate the world (hell, i would love it if this item was replacing the actual map but meh, i know it’s not goïng to happen^^)

As for your suggestion, @SuperDuperOtter stated what i wanted to say anyway^^

It’s a survival game, it is supposed to be like that. To make sure you are going in the right direction, open up your map, orient yourself, then pick a land mark you can see to use as a reference point for navigation.

Got an idea. When the night comes, looking at the sky for 5 seconds would open a Skyrim-ish compass-like star trails, to show us directions toward known nearby locations. Places we haven’t been aren’t shown. Turning our head directly upward would show us nearest known locations from each direction.

Would be a nice survival feature.


This could also show our custom map marks?

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That’s actually a neat idea.

In all honesty, once you get better at this game, a compass would be obsolete. As you learn the map it becomes VERY easy to tell where you are. Just like in real life, if you’ve never been to a location, you won’t know your way around and it’s doubtful that you’re carrying a compass…(well, barring a GPS)

I think keeping the compass out of the game makes it more immersive. Personally, I wouldn’t even give starting players a map. I’d make the world map a feat. An early feat but a feat none the less. I mean, you have to learn everything else in this game but you magically know where every landmark, hill, river, sinkhole, nook, and cranny is?

What I would do is this:

  • Make - Learn Navigation - A feat that places a hashed compass across the top of your screen. (Once discovered you can turn it off or leave on)
  • Remove - World Map
  • Create - Learn Cartography - Gain knowledge of the exiled world. You’ve discovered a map of the world.
  • Change - Current Cartography - Now becomes, teleportation. The Gods have given you the knowledge to travel the world they’ve left you. Use this gift wisely. This should be a decaying skill. You must do something to maintain this knowledge…Maybe something with the religions? It should be available with all the religions.

That’s what I would do. It would add to the emersion and create more things to do when growing as a player.


I would go other direction, remove player marker from map, also starting game without map.
But it’s my opinion, I like hardcore experience.

Also If we get mounts, I would remove fast travel

Agreed. That would be redundant and pointless. Personally, i would not put in mounts. The world is not large enough for them. While they would be cool BUT all I’m seeing is a lag fest.

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