HUD Markers for people with ADD?


Is there anyway I can make a map marker appear on my HUD? It’s much easier for me to navigate when the destination is already marked. It keeps me focused reduces the chances I will get lost. Having a point displayed on my HUD at all times would be greatly beneficial to my enjoyment of the game. My ADD fueled mind often wanders and leads me off into directions that distract from my intended destination. This could be used to mark cave entrances, points of interest, or lore items. Maybe even give users the ability to mark points on the map and have a HUD icon appear. Is anyone else interested in this?


(That’s the point, go forth, explore) no


I just want to make sure I’m travelling in the same direction I want to travel. It’s not uncommon for me to get completely turned around at the moment. There is no compass in the game to provide with a sense of direction. I just want to see the point on my screen that shows my intended destination. That way if I get distracted by an enemy or a resource node, I can immediately get back on track by finding my HUD marker. A lot of other games have this, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to at least hope for something like this.


Since they’ve already given us a map I don’t see anything wrong with this. It would be different if the map was something we actually had to acquire.


Nothing like this in the vanilla version.
But I’m pretty shure, there is a mod out there which wll give you a minimap and even a compass.


I felt this way at first room but then i realized the beauty of it, It makes me look at landmarks and get a real sense of exploration. That said It would be nice to have a craft-able high level artisan table made hand compass.


I agree, a craftable compass would be a nice little quality of life luxury to reward a player for progressing.