Building restrictions, huh everyone builds up there?!

Hello everyone,

I was thinking since everyone and there mother builds bases on stupid high pillars maybe you need to add a server setting to limit how high up you can build? Look at this castle!:

Sorry, Shad :stuck_out_tongue: visit Shadiversity to see his castle.

That is just one of the many really high pillars you can build on. It can be raided and do know how but it makes it really hard to do good pvp! It is just sad it is the norm now.

I would like to have a height build restriction setting for the server. This would also prevent people form building around the huge dessert mountain touches.

There is also an issue with people building close to the green barrier. I think you should not be able to build to close to the green world barrier. This would also be fixed with a build distance setting to world border.

What do people think about this? I think it should be a choice and if people want it on the official servers then it should be added there :slight_smile:

being pvp, shouldent you jist blow it up on general principal? discourage that and you might see less. 8]

I prefer freedom. I actually like how the game encourages creativity to protect your bases. Note, however, that Purges may spawn directly inside bases like that, so there are pros and cons to building a lollipop. (Obviously Purges are easier to defend against than other players.)


I agree it should not be allowed to build both against the green wall or too high in the pillars.

In fact there are hundreds of locations that should be no build zones, the meta of building into the sky and other nonsense takes away a lot of possibilities for the kind of pvp the game originally was built around. Maybe when they rethink siege we will see better restrictions on base creation.

No go for me. I have a green wall and pillar base! What’s the point of a sandbox game…

watchin shad abt this now, cant ya blow up those base foundations w oil/eplosive arrows and ruin it?


Just wanted to know , I thought building over obelisk spawn points was a server ban offence, we have toxic alphas building bases over spawn points , so when you spawn you spawn in their base and they sit and wait to kill you. Even put thralls around obelisk. Makes you want to leave the game no point playing then

Not exactly this thread’s topic, but no, obelisk blocking is not a bannable offense. Blocking spawn point means walling off the beginner area south of Noob River where new players start. Obelisks are fast travel nodes, not spawn points. Blocking them is considered a jerk move by many, but since they’re not essential for gameplay, it’s not against the rules.

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Forbid to build high - well, forbid raiding sandstone structures for example or forbid raiding near the Noob river 'cause newbies don’t have time to level to T3 if every 60-lvl ruins their huts. Sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it?

No more silly than all the other topics made by cry-babies who want the game to be modified for their liking and play style and only theirs, without any consideration for all the other players who play differently and like different things in the game.

The base is easily raidable if they ain’t bothering anyone I dont see what the problem is but easily raidable location I’ve seen it done I have done it I have had my own base at that location at one point. I have also had my base on the volcanic ten times higher then set pillar 10 elevators just to get to my main base. What everyone seems to not understand is that a pillar base is only secure the base of it that is mounted to the pillar everything else will just fall giving the right piece destroyed. His pillar base is high but not alot of defense around his main platform it goes up high but not down the pillar for added defense.

No. Let 'em build as high as they want!

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