Fellow Savage Wilds players help

I went to the dungeon hub, No Man’s Land for the first time. I quickly found the Halls of the Voidforge, The Sunken Forge, the Blackblood Crypt and the Engineer’s Prison.
But these two dungeons still elude me: The House of Vala and The Lost Atheneum
Anyone know how to find those two?

If Discord was an option, I wouldn’t have posted here. I know this was a longshot, but don’t they say ‘aim for the stars and you may hit the treetops.’
Not expecting much result on this one, but if you don’t try you definitely won’t get any results.

The lost athaneum is (if I do remember correctly!) behind the ships. Where you spawn when you teleport, go swim towards the 2 ships mooring in front of you. Swim by the second onee on the right side, and you end up in a thin beach, with a “mountain-wall” behind it. Newer type of rocknose is near the entrance. It is a small cut in the rock wall, but you can find it easily. Not a big area to search in.

I’ve been there briefly, seen those rocknoses. I’ll have to take a closer look at what I’ve missed, thank you.

But first I’ll have to wait for my friend to come back. He was expected back home and online yesterday but haven’t seen him yet. Something’s keeping him busy obviously, all I can do is wait until he’s back and restarts the server. (Can’t log on since Pippi was updated and our server needs him to restart it for the update to happen.)

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Ya it`s behind the ships to the left in a mountain wall kinda like a crack u have to go in it not very noticeable. Good Luck. I believe back were u spawn if u head out stay to left go to top of mountain kill the woman boss and she drops Mr Yeti. Good luck

Found the Atheneum. Was a tight fit to get through the opening in the wall, had to crouch or I couldn’t move forward.
This still leave the House of Vala I haven’t discovered yet. No Man’s Land is a big place to just search randomly and I’ve no clue where to search to narrow it down. :slight_smile:

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When u spawn in head out and stay to the left go up the road headed to top of mountain a little bit before u get to the boss queen at the top there is a wall to the left. U click on that and it takes u to a watery dungeon. Its a puzzle and is very hard better be good at jumpin. You will die lots of times, good luck

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This sounds like the Engineer Prison dungeon to me – if I’m not completely missing something here.

At the top there’s a big Lemurian ruin swarming with corsairs. It has a few bosses inside and if you go above the ruin there’s lots of treasure chests and a spider boss.

Hm, dunno why the quote I tried to make of the above post didn’t stick.

Ya its been awhile since I played so I dont remember all the dungeon names. Theres another when u spawn in head out a few 100 feet and on the right by the water is a tower lookin thing, climb up and go in. I think thats a dungeon but can`t remember for sure.

Also theres a dungeon when u get to the ship go left up the road at the top of the mountain to the right theres some bad guys and a boss u fight behind the boss in a wall is another dungeon. You will know your there it has some bushy totem things in front.3 or 4

The first one is right where you spawn when you enter No Man’s Land. Just turn around and enter the Hall of the Voidforge.

The ruined tower by the water leads to the Sunken Forge. Not been inside there yet.

Going up from the Stygian camp leads to the Necropolis where the Blackblood Crypt is found.

On the shore behind the Stygian base, in an opening in the clifface there is the Atheneum

And the Engineer’s Prison is behind the path that leads to the top of the mountain where the big ruin is with all the corsairs.

That still leaves one dungeon not found :slight_smile:

There are a few more named locations but I didn’t find any gate to a dungeon in those places, such as the corsair’s dog pound.

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