Scavenger Hunt Answers! With Screenshots and Coordinates

Curious about where certain pumpkins were? Here you can find all coordinates and pictures for each hint. Again, huge shout out to Kylaney, Vomher, Insein, Leogrim, and JimmyTheRabbit for help with locations and hints. <3



Link to Pictures:

  1. To find this one you must go, to tidal pools that ebb and flow, illuminating Nergal’s shadow. 467,14 (inside the cave)

  2. Off to sea, go sailors we, from shore to point to buoy. At the closest to the pyramid, we stop to say ‘ahoy’! 711,36 (behind pillar)

  3. Men of power, come to gather inside this auspicious place. And there you go, somewhere low, to find it’s hiding space. 341,346 (in the mayor office, right of the door inside)

  4. Another clue is left for you at the postal steps. Within my rhyme, do take a climb and there the prize do fetch! 325, 295 (on the roof after climbing ladder)

  5. I am so sorry, I have to pee! A pause in this wild hunt. And while we seek some fast relief, check inside some nearby junk. 617, 757 (inside the container)

  6. Near birch and oak and ancient elm, this one nestles tightly. From it’s tower one can see, an omen pacing frightfully. 18, 833 (on the cliff side overlooking bear)

  7. Come! Come! I beckon you look high! Look and be a stalker. This next one so precariously perched, you might wish to be a tightrope walker. 384, 1005 (on the railing)

  8. A holy land, you must walk, to find the next one, friend. But keep going, get your ankles wet and seek where sailors met their end. 21, 1018 (allll the way to the top left of the map behind the overturned boat)

  9. Are we having good fun? Is it getting too late? Surrounded with cadavers is where we stowed the next piece of freight. 844, 744 (inside the container)

  10. Sometimes we flew high, but this one is low. Again-walkers shuffle through rooms flooded below. 827, 831 (in the sewers)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. We see a pox upon Gaia where blackness one wept, where boys become men and the madmen roam. A vantage awaits. We have the clearance, sweetling; do you? 133, 955 (above blue mountain entrance)

  2. Nihilism abounds, encircling the beacon. A small step aside is all sweetlings need do should you wish circumvent it too. 901,92 (behind the lighthouse)

  3. Square the circle! Don’t circle the square! An all-too-familiar sight is at play. Nigredo! Albedo! Citrinitas! Rubedo! A Magnum Opus through the Ages. WARNING! BREACH DETECTED! Knowledge comes at a price. 246,413 (inside innsmouth)

  4. Everything will happen, happening, happened. Seek between the then and the now where the vagaries of history tie tightly together. The old and the new, both fallen decrepit, are not so far away as they seem even to those who stand within. 525, 503 (inside cave thing)

  5. Generations upon generations watched, weapons both minor and major poised to fight. Look out, sweetlings! Danger lurks below, so stand above. 499, 901 (on top of tree house)

  6. Rhymically, they flop and tear at a wall so very near. Loom above these hybrid winged things, for any bait and tackle will draw them here. Such ravenous beasts are not picky for their feast, so keep to the sky to shield your human sweet meats. 225,881 (on the cliff side)

  7. The lord of ice cuts and cracks, crevices creeping as it seeps and shears. Our omni-dimensional eyes tear! 902, 617 (cave where svell lord is)

  8. Have you heard of the turtle that carries the world, sweetling? No matter the machine to float at sea, the turtle sails strong. All the while, a behemoth stands with its back to the world. See what lies where the pale men shun. 77, 758 (on the boat)

  9. We shiver - let’s not linger! Feathers most dark and dire haunt the pitch black. 350,744 (on the roof)

  10. There is nothing but travesty and tragedy for those who find themselves on these jagged rocks. These stones are no stranger to sorrow and sadness at shore. Tread carefully, dear sweetling. 583,72 (cliff on the coast side)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. Has anyone seen my cats? They used to scamper about making little pitter patter noises on these old floor boards. It has been quiet a while now, I do hope they come back. 858, 272 (inside the mansion)

  2. South of a rocky area with water loud stomping sounds can be heard. The clanging of metal can be deafening. Save me from this madness, before something large comes to get me. 525,341 (behind the bush against the barn)

  3. I sit surrounded by water. Voices can be heard muttering. I believe that something is about to swallow me. waving it’s tentacles around as I sit here in fear. 941, 908 (inside this gross tentacle monster, you can get in from the side of it)

  4. The sky is foggy, green from the fumes of rotting vegetables. Tall creatures with dolls in their hands perched atop of sticks. Crows flying around in search of someone, but who? 510,675 (secret pumpkin in the patch!)

  5. From the Casino you can hear birds call in the distance in search of the perfect one to eat. The Atlantic is a calming place. Water, rocks and creatures that roam freely. 64,937 (around the corner next to the progenitor)

  6. Sailors and Fisherman once roamed east of Skull Island. What is left now seems to be a rocky land with little existence. I found a place away from the dead. Inside where it is warm, I hope I am safe here. 304,922 (within the cave)

  7. When I first arrived the tentacles were trying to eat me. I managed to get out of the water. However, I am now surrounded by creatures knocking on the building and the pit is too high to climb out of, come help me! 597,454 (within the office trailer)

  8. I almost feel like Tom Hanks should be here to name me “Wilson”. If I couldn’t see Kraken Cove to the north, I would worry. Water is too cold to swim, can someone rescue me? 307,26 (on the island)

  9. It’s very cold here. There are buildings close by. I guess I could use them for shelter if needed. I am safe from the Wabanaki, but for how long? 274,629 (under the stairs by the trailer park)

  10. Why, why am I here? Did they once believe I was insane? I am surrounded by a very neglected building inhabited by winged creatures who want to eat me. 238,242 (within the ruins)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. Once a way in, once a way out, at the beginning or the end. Your first clue hides behind the earth, it is to there do you I send. 602,93 (at the end of the broken bridge in the stones)

  2. You’ve been busy with this hunt, looking here and there. But now it’s time to rest a spell within the house of hair. 324,611 (behind the curtain in the tent)

  3. When they came to Thinis fair, they brought spatha and pilum to bear. Their works tell us from whence they come, but our prize is post aedificium. 98.704 (next to the temple in the back)

  4. Out, out, damned spot! We cannot get our clothes clean! We’ve brought red nights and smoke upon this holy scene. 530, 1018 (behind the pillar)

  5. Was it to control the locks, or redirect the flow? Under me the prize you seek, across the pools of the Eater you go! 284,944 (next to the filth swamp)

  6. Toils of historic importance interrupted, seized in mid-progress, homeland guardians once stood where now professors rest. 638,924 (in the nook of the pillar)

  7. It is said that the seizing ones take all the treasures, leaving none. But of our special treat today, they have regrettably thrown away. 841, 555(inside the dumpster)

  8. Where should we go for fun? That’s obvious, inside the absolute one. There we hid our prize from the sun. 863,662 (inside the crate)

  9. Inside the mirror we like to stay, but keep a helmet on in case we need a fast getaway! 491,388 (inside Merayah next to the bike)

  10. Outside the mirror is our final clue, knock three times and the disc may answer you. 617,379 (next to the door on the outskirts of Merayah)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. At the intersection of Bound and Captured 494,204 (hidden within rubble near the bound spirit)

  2. Guarded by Disciplined converts on the corner of The 418,544 (in the reformatory, in tent, by converted villagers)

  3. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey . . . 36,645 (in the building by the big ■■■ spider, Heropsis)

  4. Test, a pumpkin in the hand is worth 2 birds of stone 656,689 (between the stairs in the Gauntlet)

  5. This one time at The band camp 54, 963 (all north west in a tent in the orochi camp)

  6. Behind the Hellish landscape of the rising sun 921,183 (back in a crevice behind the portal)

  7. Atop the bones of not the momma 384,791 (on top of the skeleton)

  8. In the graveyard where fire leads charges 927,453 (in the cave by the excavators)

  9. Flee the citadel leaping toward the setting sun, gaze up! A southernly hop and a pillar no more will be your path. 565,322 (on the ridge, overlooking the land)

  10. Atop a fallen source of strength in the original holy place 271,344 (inside the first temple, behind a fallen pillar)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. I exited the tunnel and heard birds are cawing and the town was quiet. Except for the creatures who roam the streets. From above they look small, I know they aren’t. The ones with the green fog scare me the most, what if I became one? Please, no! 1157,1222 (overlooking Harbabure)

  2. I saw that man, the one who was hanging from the tree. I am afraid of what happened to him, what a horrible death. I ran away, too scared to stick around. Water is trickling over me rapidly, lots of water. I am getting soaked! 951,784 (in the river/waterfall)

  3. Oh! a windmill! Perhaps that is safer? I found a barn, there were too many werewolves around. I looked for safety in a smaller place. One creature roams around, not bothering me although he could at any time. 718,664 (in the shed by the werewolves)

  4. I almost drowned in a lake, ran a little east and found a nice place. Well, it looked nice but the burned out cars and raggedy structures are ominous. I found a nice little corner where I am safe, kinda… Come save me! 325,850 (by the vampires)

  5. Oh no!! That was not safe at all! I am sorry I could not stay. I ran a little bit more to the north, past the lady with the binoculars and found the scary men with the dolls in their hands. I wedged myself between some… HELPPPP!!! 576,946 (between the pile of wood)

  6. They found me, those scary men. This time they have chainsaws and they are chasing me! I ran for my life! I found a nice little wooden structure to hold up in until you get here. Please hurry, the sound of the chainsaws is scary! 645,873 (in the shack where the scarecrows are)

  7. Thank goodness I don’t have blood, or these vampires would have killed me. The buildings the live in are destroyed. What were the long ago, I wonder? From here I can look down and keep an eye on them. The sound of t he river, so calming 927,1068 (B-1 block on the second floor)

  8. The ruined chapels make me sad, the monks float around quietly. Don’t let that fool you, a few have chased me. I did manage to hide from them but I can’t stay here long. The red foggy mist is a true sign of death, or deathless? 1015,488 (by deathless monk in a little chapel)

  9. I was seeking out refuge in a nice quiet valley. Only to find out it is filled with wolves! The torches light it up well enough but I think I am fine looking down from above. If one of these rocks falls I am dead! Save me soon! 962,265 (you gotta do a bit of jumping to reach this one)

  10. While I was observing the behaviour of the vampires below I spotted something. Do these shipments come and go from all over the world? I decided to wait in one. Maybe it will get picked up and I will be shipped off to safety! Maybe! It could happen! 291,1016 (inside the container)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. A fog of green mist can be seen every so often in the North West. I hear creatures around me, they are not alive, they are not dead. Were they once human? I don’t think they are anymore. I fear for my life, please save me. 553,1072 (above and behind the rock formation where the ghouls are)

  2. In a fiery ruins, a village once stood. Now within there are soldiers that I can only assume have taken over. Close by there is an abandoned building, I came from there earlier heading east to seek safety. I did not find it here. 634,444 (inside one of the houses. There are decoy pumpkins in the others)

  3. It is frightening here. The creaks of the trees, the birds calling ominously. I fear for this little girl although I am watching her close, keeping her safe. There are mean animals around, who will keep ME safe? 306,420 (up on the ledge where Octavian’s house is, hidden in the bush)

  4. I do believe this is the best place I have been so far, it’s electrifying!! I though this was safe, but the creatures are like nothing I have seen before. I worry the green fog will spoil me, I do not want to spoil 545,700 (on top of the tent, gotta jump on the box behind it first to get up there)

  5. 2 small children chased while yelling “You will soon be Pie” I accidentally ran into their village trying to escape. I can see the children and I hear them chatting. Save me from becoming Pie, I am running out of time! 856,858 (behind the caravan)

  6. What kind of church is this? These Deacons are like I have never seen before. I ran to a very large one, believing he would save me. I was wrong. Although I am hiding, I am within reach of the big one. Shhhh 201, 780 (this one will be super tricky. It’s in the door behind Deacon Claude, to the left)

  7. Within the ruins of these chapels, very dead preachers float about casting their magic upon all who enter. I found a spot, there is a light in the middle of the room but I am able to hide in the darkness. 380,746 (gonna be very hard to see, behind the pillar in the back right of the room)

  8. I found a man with very beautiful cabins in the woods. Creatures here are feasting on others. I climbed into a hole and seem to be safe in here. The howling is quite loud and frequent. I hear them above me, how long will I have? 1100,1087 (behind the rug on the clothes line, downstairs, above is surrounded by wolves)

  9. I escaped the cabins. Wolves were chasing me growling and snarling. I ran to the west and found a nice little spot. The sound of trickling water is soothing. I see the wolves, I hope they can’t see me under here. 993,1079 (underneath the bridge, kinda underwater)

  10. I was running from the wolves and ran into something even worse! They chased me east for a while. I got to the end and they were gone, but I ran into a bigger one, he seemed special somehow. I slipped behind him and escaped. Save me! I am stuck here! 1269,1042 (behind the caravan where the ghouls are)



Link to Screenshots:

  1. I’m tripping in pools of filth and chased by large creatures who are growling at me. I ran through this cave for a while before coming across one that shook the ground.I am hidden and watching him. One move and he will find me! 861, 562 (behind the Black Springs Earthshaker enemy)

  2. OMG these monsters are BIG! Luckily I found a room I can hide in. Someone runs through here periodically. I am not sure if he sees me or not, he doesn’t hurt me. The scary ones are right outside, if I leave they will get me! 1031,691 (by the Red Hand compound, near cyro operative, doorway where the hybrid messenger runs into and out of)

  3. Ok, ok, ok… breathe… I am getting very cold. I found a place to warm up. If I go outside I will Freeze very immediately. The howling is so loud! I see a Dragon a little North… wait… he doesn’t look like a Dragon at ALL!! 591,1041 (near the howling grove, inside some tunnels)

  4. I hear very loud creatures to the east. It took a long time to get up here. Seems the creatures are supersized humans, like the hulk. Why are they green? I am hidden away in a building but I’m not safe.The Authorities are after me! 926,1195 (in a wearhouse, where the chemical authorities and punisher are)

  5. This place looks like I am in a dream! I can see planets, stars and OMG ! Monsters!! I think I have breached something bad… I am out of reach now. Oh Look! It seems like they are drilling for oil? filth? but wait… that’s not ground down there :open_mouth: 1217,702 (to the very top of the tower)

  6. It’s almost like I have been here before. I can look down and see where I was. The messenger still running in and out. He doesn’t see me up here, neither do the others! Please rescue me. I will smash to pieces if I fall from here! 1029,667 (very near the second pumpkin, just higher up on the ledge over looking)

  7. Destroyed buildings perhaps? I am not sure what I have found. Every time I try to get away, something pulls me back. I fight the darkness but I narrowly escaped. I reached the end, it seems safe here… wait!! there is something taking away my dreams! 815,377 (in the roman baths, by the dream-claimed auxiliary enemy)

  8. I thought I had an escape. Rada was helping me with the vampires. I ran too far west and came across more! I found a little wooden shelter to hide in. The problem is the vampires can still see me. I am being quiet until you get here… Hurry! 442, 779 (in the little shack)

  9. What are the Ice Monsters? One of them hit me and I went sliding all the way along the Ice lake. I reached the end and found MORE! Luckily I was able to climb up to safety, there are more ladders if I need to get higher. I sure hope they don’t climb.251,685 (right in the corner at the bottom of the dam)

  10. I seem to have made it past the hulk looking creatures AGAIN, they are trying to punish me. I ran up this very large ramp, past a couple gates and found a tower. I can look down on them and they can’t reach me. I am still not safe! 758,1204 (in the tower past the chemical operative enemies)


BF was savage but so much fun!