Scavenger Hunt, Pumpkin Carving, and Poetry Entries and Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt and entered a pumpkin carving and poem! They were all absolutely beautiful. I’m waiting on a reply from a couple of people through email, but otherwise everyone should have their Haunted Grin shirt in your delivered items! :slight_smile:

Winner of the Pumpkin Carving Contest

Carved by WolfgangV

Here are the other entries of pumpkin carvings. We were blown away by how amazing these were. Please take the time to look through them!
Link to the album:
Additionally, one player, Mellified, made a video of theirs which is incredibly adorable and worth the watch (make sure sound is on):

Winner of the Poetry Contest

Written by Perstyr
On the Emerald Isle in ‘89
Me ma’ said newborn son of mine
Take this fiddle left by your dad
And make me proud, oh Jack my lad.

With bow in hand, I made my trade
Playing the fiddler to many a maid
The men of town said it would be best
If I fiddled my way to sea out west

At eighteen I landed at Ellis isle
The yankee girls there loved my style
The girls for whom I fiddled the most
Their husbands chased me up the coast

I ran out of coin at Kingsmouth town
So there I thought I’d settle down
Samantha Henderson took my arm
We settled down on her father’s farm

When Archie saw his daughter fair
In the pumpkin patch with her lover there
He said my fiddling was a blight
He’d put to end that fateful night

He cursed my soul, he cursed my sin
He turned me in to this pumpkin
Now Archie’s dead, and Jack’s still here
And I’ll fiddle and fiddle for many a year!

Here you can read the many poems we received! We were given so many beautiful poems and picking just one was incredibly difficult. You can click on the down arrow to read each one.

"Nothing More" written by Tavahtan

Nothing More

The moon was full and dogs howled
When as I walked a cat meowed
Then came a voice I never heard before.
“Please good sir” said the voice
"I need your help, I’ve no choice!
“Help me once and I’ll ask for nothing more.”

Curious, I turned I stopped and stared
Nothing could have me prepared
For a creature come straight from lore.
Before me stood a man sized cat
Dressed in fine clothes and hat
But I could see he possessed nothing more.

“Evil Follows at great pace
I beg of you lets make haste
Shelter from is all that I implore.”
I sighed, I gently wrung my wrist
For how could I not assist
This creature that needed nothing more.

So in the dark we headed West
To my home for his request
Until there we stood upon my door.
I lit the fire for my guest
And hoped we would get some rest
And that I could expect nothing more.

But as we slept the veil we pierced
Then through this came the fierce
Spirit who chilled my core.
I rose to fight what had come
But to him I was no one
I was merely human, nothing more.

My guest did not try to flee
Instead he did look at me
Then his eyes sunk to the floor.
Smoke slowly rose around
Two of them as time slowed down
There came a cry! Then nothing more.

As the smoke cleared the air
In my heart I felt despair
My chest felt heavy and sore.
In the dark sharp fangs gleamed
Before me stood some new thing
I prayed it wanted nothing more.

But when it turned to look at me
In it’s eyes I could see
Killing me would be a chore.
Yet it stood to slowly ponder
Upon what fate I did wonder
Then “Listen! Do nothing more.”

“Upon parchment for all to see
Declare my rule on Hallow’s Eve.
Nod and I will see you sworn.”
Up and down I moved my head
So as not to end up dead
Grateful that he had said nothing more.

So dear Reader, to whom I write
Know who rules Hallow night
And know what I write this for.
Irusan shall rule the time
When the dead can cross the line.
Know this and fear nothing more.

Written by Morganey

H ave you embraced and chased the Broadcast’s Lord?
A hiss of static truth, Presenting lore
P rofoundly hid in math’s relentless chord,
P laced close to deaths; which warns what is in store.
Y ou’ll search in graves, walk with the restless dead
H alf-trapped between this clumsy world and next;
A nd when their numbers burn inside your head
L ook then to get a sane man’s frantic text.
L ong trip you’ll make, to vampire-haunted lands.
O n Gaia’s quest you’ll be, to put down ghosts
W ho picked unholy halls to make their stands;
E xcise them all, confront their tattered host.
E xtend this Age’s grasp, and end His reign.
N o dead may rule. Not even at Samhain.

"The Broadcast" by Insein

High frequency hauntings with a darkling past
Reach out to us once more. Their voices scratchy,
Grainy, encased in wood, sealed in transistors,
built to last.

CQ! CQ! Electromagnetic waves cry out
Well hidden, they beckon us across the world.
Entrenched among lonely realms where wan gravebound
dead do shout.

Our integrated circuits, once more attuned
Summon a howling horde of shades beyond pale
Mists, their murmurs echo a cacophony
to the moon.

Do we carry them inside us? Or simply
Vanquish what once was, banished into ether?
Sanity interferes their coded message
so crisply.

And deep within the earthen bunker he waits.
The lonely patriot rebounds through vacuum
Tubes, with cyphers and spectres from our past
voids, lost dates.

When it’s all over, the world is broken through.
Laundromat bunkers harbor facts the masses
Never believe. But we know. Every little
thing is true.

"A Secret Samhain" by crowbaar

A time for mystery a time for fright

A cold Autumn air strangles the night

Wisps a gather and dance in field

At their twisted king’s command they shall not yield

The mad king tries for the great tree’s power

Attempting to drain it at every hour

Will you hero, stop his madness from being unfurled?

And step forth to save the secret world.

"The Pumpkin Man" by Statik

He strolls through the land
Made from Henderson’s whim
His deadly long laugh
And his twisted mouth’s grin

Through all the pumpkins
He dodges and weaves
Diving back in the soil
Between the fall leaves

Catch him if you can
And if you’re brave enough
Or he’ll escape into nothing
Ending him will be tough

On All Hallows Eve
Listen on the night breeze
“Old Jack’s back!” you’ll hear whispered
Drifting through the bare trees.

"The One who laugh" by ReaperSoul

Have you heard the legend?
About that one regent?
Yes the One who laughs!
Beware of not being caught!

It was like you
Do you have a clue?
The mother bless it
But the darkness was beneath

It roamed the world
When it was cold
Between light
And the dark might

It explored the woods
Its hunt was good
The man eater seduced it
But it killed it

In the yellow storm
Where the empires started to form
The wish-maker seduced it
But it killed it

Between the shadows of the three
Decorated by the corpses sea
The one who lurks seduced it
But it killed it

In the nation of sun
That was covered by the moon
The demon seduced it
But it killed it

From where the man rise
Now where the men were baptized
The man seduced it
But it…

When the darkness where in it
There were no more beat
In the palace of dreams
It was the king of kings

But the Pyramid betrayed it
It was left in the pit
The Cross fought it until dawn
There were no more crown
The Dragon threw it in the void
No word was said

Then the fallen from the sky
Made it cry
Their sentence was made
It will lost its shade

The rulers made a word
They said to the crowd
Its legend wasn’t meant to be sing
There was no more king

But it still laughs
Even if it was caught
It craved its smile in the moon
And the day maybe will be soon

When the Ulthar guardians scream
And in the night there’s no gleam
The earth in darkness will be covered
And the sanity will be over

It will come before the saints
The moon will be taint
The witches will rejoice
There will be only their voice

But now told me your story
Maybe I will cry
I told you mine
I am…

Written by LV-426

Samhain had set upon Kingsmouth Town
The leaves the colours of autumn,
Wind billowing past my ears as I walk down Arkham Avenue
past the church towards the fire station

I hear the scraping on the road.
The sound of leaves and something heavier.
Not normal footsteps, scraping footsteps.

I look around me, the pungent smell of decaying flesh rips through the air
I see it.
It see’s me.
Eyes the colour of coal, where humanity had once resided. Empty like Jack-o-Lantern without the flame.
Teeth worn down to bloody stumps, arms stretched out grabbing like a child.
The hair ragged, the skin decayed and pungent.
The Bloody stumps that were once teeth biting into themselves drawing what little blood is left within this shambling cadaver.

I close my eyes, throw my hands down as I feel the electricity flow through my veins,
I raise my right hand to the sky as the electricity from inside my body forms a hammer.
The hammer is from the Gods. A power no human should have the ability to create.
Except for the bees.

The Sky crackles, lighting hits the stinking carcass. It doesn’t stop.
Again, the sky lights up as I lift my stolen hammer into the air, the lightning becoming darker.
One Final strike with the hammer, the lightning turns red as it shoots from above and hits the re-animated corpse.

It stops dead in it’s tracks. No more shuffling, the gargled sound that it was making stopped.
All that could be heard was the wind.
The sound of leaves
And something heavier.

"Big Tree" by Aeolian

Oh it’s a big Tree, its a very big tree
Watch the big bough and watch the big trunk
Look leaves on ground, on the ground crumbly crumbly
What’s that a patch, a pumpkin patch squishy and crunchy
Roasted seeds through the days sun gets a smell so weird
As the night climbed I still stand before a big tree
Hear all the rustle rustle of the big branches through silence of night
A shimmer of lights bursting out of big old trunk.
All the pumpkins glowing bright and orange.
Twigs are breaking making sound so loud
No want to hear it blocked ears with my hands
Thinking of happy thoughts and laughing out louder, forgot to close my eyes
I see laughing back at me big jack-o’-lantern

"Proudly Presenting" by Cognizance

Eight Three One Five Seven Six
Listen now to our sorrowful mix
Zero Nine Three Three Four Eight
Suspense and more, for those that wait
Four One Six Three Six Three
Whoever said our stories were for thee?
Four Eight Seven Two Zero Eight
Our late night encore’s for those late
Two Six Nine Three Two Nine
Tune in, die out, and let screams cry
Four Six Seven Nine Two Eight
For it’s time we dance again in hate
Two Eight One Four Zero Eight
Initiating the Broadcast, if a little late

"A Black Feather Falls" by Ocholivis

A black feather falls
from the autumn sunset sky.
Silently falling, twisting
in the crisp, still air.

I watch it fall
as I sip my tea.
Its portents proclaiming
a slow, twisting fall.

My eyes fall
to the elongating shadows.
Are they branches and trees?
Are they real, or imagined?

The leaves fall.
Some red, some black.
The trees are silent
this Hallow’s Eve.

I fall,
as the crows suddenly scream.
A piercing shriek, a piercing blade.
My tea cup shatters.

A black feather falls
from the autumn evening sky.
The crows call to my fallen soul.
I answer with a new revenant’s reply.

Written by mollycrackers

“Oh boys and girls, say your prayers and hang your charms –
To ward against angry fate and ringing alarms.
For the kittens are missing,
And Laughing Jack is out,
The Dead are walking,
And the Fishermen have turned mean.
So bar your doors and load your guns –
Because in Kingsmouth, it’s Always Halloween.”

"Counting" by Koststara

radio static
the strange attraction of bees
one, two, three
Jack runs amuck
Bees swarm
and taste the lore
Oh no.
Where is the missing one?
And also:
Screed please zip up your fly,
You’re a grown man for goodness sake.

"Always on Halloween, eh" by Val-Freya

In Kingsmouth, it’s always Halloween,eh?
It’s always on Halloween, eh.

The terror, the dread the horror we see.
Lurks beneath every part of the world.
It’s not easy to go through the End as a bee.
Preventing apocalypses unheard.

But in Kingsmouth, it’s always Halloween, eh?
It’s always on Halloween, eh.

The world already ended, I heard someone say.
We’re just revisitng eddies of time.
Eventually, we’ll fail to keep the darkness at bay.
Eventually they’ll cross the line.

We are all made of stars.

But in Kingsmouth, it’s always Halloween, eh?
It’s always on Halloween.

Written by Carl

The wind grows cold,
The leaves wither with age,
And the darkness comes faster
With the night.
Whispers come
From all corners of the world:
It is time again!
Make way!
Hallow’s Eve approaches!

This time of year,
Skeletons dance
On ropes from trees,
Pumpkins leer
With knife-cut teeth,
Undead grasp
From gawdy lawn tableaus,
And monsters come
Calling for more candy.
Is any of it real?
Decor soothes us
With the comfort of falsehood.
Such things cannot be.
It is simply Hallow’s Eve.

But there is a darkness on the horizon,
Blacker than the night.
The shadows bring with them
Gnawing terror and chills.
Sneak a peek
Was something there?
Is it the
Decaying wings of putrid birds?
Empty eyes of the departed?
Grasping hands of nightmares?
Tattered robe of a reaper?
Or the hungry maw
Of one who eats stars?
Hallow’s Eve brings all kinds.

To the horizon come
Three lights of color,
Striking at the darkness:
Blue, Red and Green.
There is no decor for them.
They would rather have it so.
They keep the devouring black at bay
If they choose to shine as one.
The darkness always comes.
It must be pushed back.
Everything lies in their hands.
Will it all be enough,
Will it always be enough,
On Hallow’s Eve?

Written by LordOfNothing

“Eternal Rev’nant
Masks hold secrets and lies
Jack the Lad survives.

Eternal Rev’nant
Bullets from the mouths of babes
Feathers fly in screams

Eternal Rev’nant
Henderson’s daughter
Curses and rituals abound”

"Samhain- A Haiku" written by shade-slayer

Mystical Samhain
Dark Templars sacrifice the

Written by Cordite

All Hallows’ Eve has come and gone.
On darkened porches smiles sit drawn,
watching the waves, watching the things

‘Trick or treat’ is an empty cry,
mocking those who are doomed to die.
Their hands clutch metal. Their lips part,

Come the night, they look to the stars,
seeking faintest hope from afar.
In an endless night hope stays faint,

All Hallows’ Eve has come and gone.
Fear takes flight at the break of dawn.
But still in Kingsmouth pumpkins sit

"A Moment's Rest" by Nicholas

It’s calm here, as I lean against the stone.
The dead around me mingle into air
And no breath stirs but mine and mine alone.
It’s calm here. As I lean against the stone,
There’s no sound but the broadcast’s hum and drone.
No danger to be found, no dreadful scare–
It’s calm . Here, as I lean against the stone,
The dead around me mingle into air.

A Haiku by Solos

The best time of year
Samhain comes to trick with fear
Hide behind the tree

The Purple Cat by Danaus

I walk through the filthy land,
as I search for the purple cat,
but cat is nowhere to be found,
Oh, how I miss the purple cat.

I walk, I walk until I can’t walk anymore,
but still I am missing the purple cat,
I am crying, my heart is crying,
If I don’t find purple cat today,
I am without cat until next Halloween.


Nightfall in Kingsmouth by Nathhor

Night is falling in Kingsmouth
Carved pumpkins in every doorsteps
Someone is shouting
Until screams disappear into the mist
Now it is silent again

Written by Oskmey

Spooky cats and whacky bats
Always on all hallow’s eve
Witch’s laugh and bloody paths
Blazing a trail on all hallow’s eve

Down Nor’easter way where the kittens do play
Green lights spring forth from the deep dark
Daddy’s lost history rising from the park

Corrupted pasts, living tall tales
Ripping holes through the vales
On all hallow’s eve always to be released
Waiting, teasing the stalking beast

On these long shores away from our homes
Singing songs from long forgotten tomes
Never knowing what’s behind the curtain
All we know is that our deaths are certain

It’s a game, this is true
As we gaze on the sea so blue
Away it goes as the sun does set
Blue goes to where darker colours met

Orange flames, yellow smiles dance in the sky
Spells recited in ancient tongues, thought lost
As the lovers, once embraced, say goodbye
Now fighters draw swords, damn the cost

Blood flows and embraces the runes
Beasts and beings clash
On shores where waves do splash
Crackling energies race across the dunes

At the break of light, the curtains draw
And forgetfulness claims the citizens all

Halloween. Jeez, always Halloween

"Jack’s Haunting Me " written by Granuaile

At night when I close my eyes
All I see is your face,
Haunting me.

The moon is full, Spirits dance
The gourds in the field are off the vine.
There’s is laughter in the air
Yet all I hear is that cackle in the field.

That pale and glowing face
Always smiling, always grinning.
It speaks of danger,
Both past and present,
It’s haunting me.

The sun appears on the horizon
And offers no hope of peace.
I’m haunted by the glow of the sun,
Which like you, shines with danger.
Jack’s haunting me.

A Haiku by broseidon

This spooky Samhain
A dancin, hauntin jack scares
hysterical laugh

Written by Jes-sa

Sweetling hear the whispering of the wisps.
Follow the light of their ghostly dance,
in a patch their Pumpkin King waits.

"The Presenter’s Folly" by P-dubs

Radio waves
Carry the voices of the dead
Speaking, warning, mocking

They crash
Upon silicon shores
Transistors, false ferries
Broadcast will not bear them
To their desired rest

“A man’s not dead while his name is still spoken”
Then how can one be dead
While their voice still speaks?

Lonely Patriot, now do you understand?
Cheating death is not a victimless crime
Unless you get permission first

"Death's Walk" by Thomas

This is my favorite time of year,
For eternity is a long time my dear.
For in this rhyme there is a story,
Yet as it’s writer, I get no glory.
So please sit down, for you have the time,
I will speak plainly, for I hate to rhyme.

I walk a path, never changing,
my task in front, never finish.
Those I see, always surprised,
as I come to see their ending.
My ears ignore the pleas of mercy,
the screams of rage, and sobs of pity.

You are special little one, I found you on the day of fun.
I can walk the streets, without terror, without fear.
For everyone is dressed to scare.
Ghosts, and Goblins, Witches and Trolls,
Even those dressed like me,
so they have no reason to flee.

On this day, I trick or treat, gathering souls with extra glee,
for evil lurks and preys for free.
I shall tell you from your face you want to know, what monster got you,
what fate has took you?
Why little one, you were taken on this night of fun and dandy…

For you ate some poisoned candy…

"Jack's back" by Nathanael

So it is that time of the year, again,
the one that those folks of yore called Samhain.

It’s all fun and good when you’re in the patch,
harvesting pumpkins to spice every batch:

pies, cakes, lattes, freaking everything!
Can’t wait to go guising or trick-or-treating!

And you’re whistling without knowing who is back.
A pitchfork through your chest, here’s Jack!

Last year, you remember, the memory is not far,
Andy’s ritual, a ghost vendor, that five pumpkin star,

when you and your friends got to carving his head,
and with guns and spells blazing dropped him dead?

Well, kids, the lantern can be put out,
when the winds of all hallows blow throughout,

but when we get to this time of the year,
you should know better and disappear!

'cause the flames in the lantern are lighting back,
and you’re only the first to be harvested by Jack!

Scavenger Hunt Team Completions


1st place

Team Prophets:

2nd place

Team Lone Wolf

3rd place

Love Birds

4th place

Team 9th Life

5th place

Army of Juan

6th place

Team Pooka

Savage Coast

1st place

Team Harvest Moon

2nd place

The Promethean Covenant

3rd place


4th place

Team ODO

5th place

Mew mew clan

Blue Mountain

1st place

Team Illusionary Reality:

2nd Place

Team Spooky Doo

3rd Place

Team Luminar

4th place

Team Swords United 1

Scorched Desert

1st place

Team Guardian:

2nd place

Team Spelunkers

3rd place

Team Herd of Small Unicorns

4th place

The Awesome Four

City of the Sun God

1st place

Team R.E.D.

2nd place

Team Monsterslippers Inc.

3rd place

Team Squiddy Friend

4th place

Horsemen of Hagnos

Besieged Farmlands

1st place

Team Sanguine Order of Sheol:

2nd place

Team Secret Alliance

3rd place

Team Small Herd of Unicorns

4th place

Chicken McThuggets

Shadowy Forest

1st place


2nd place

The Skele-WHO-tons Team

3rd place

The Fantastic Four

4th place

Team Swords United 2

Carpathian Fangs

1st place

Team Funding is God:

2nd place


3rd place

B itches of Eastwick

4th place

Team Imiizaa Pizza Pie