Scavenger Hunt Clues

This is where you will find clues to your zone’s items. All you’ll need to do is hit the arrow to view them. Remember, you only need to read and pay attention to the clues for the zone you are assigned to. :slight_smile:

Your event has started! The second you get your buff you can go at it! Here are the riddles and hints you need to find the item you’re looking for: BEEHIVES!!! They will look like this:


Have fun!


  1. Initiate King James Protocol. The code is 6 and 22. The password is “Matthew.” Transmit!
    Some find illumination in their gods. Some find illumination in their works. And others? Others find illumination in the great conspiracies on forums and dark webs. Enlightenment comes in many forms, but this one is always watching.

  2. Knock, knock! What good is omniscience if you cannot see what lies behind? We look above to a raven most kind. Knock, knock! Should you worry, tarry not, for three dear cats guard a sweet heart.

  3. Imagine, sweetling, tourists trapped with rotten food and rotten mood. They come for fun and leave with none. First it is shellfish in their stomach sacks, then it is shells on their backs. They have a whole new world view now.

  4. A simple ritual - water the plant, watch it grow, marvel as the roots it shows! Meaty petals and bloated leaves are all that remains of a growth most strange. Alert! It yearns to see the world in its own sargassum ways. Clear the contaminated containers away!

  5. Have you ever been told to take a long walk off a short pier, sweetling? We watch a short walk off a long pier. Do not take the final plunge! SPOILER: Tragedy comes!

  6. From here and there, many things go. Sweetlings hear the hum of the hive, bathed in Agartha’s golden glow. This is only the beginning, but you already know that, don’t you?

  7. Quarantine, they scream! Quarantine, it seems! DO NOT TRESPASS. It was only swamp gas! A weather balloon, unseen!

  8. One car, two, car, red car, white car. Neither are cars where it counts, and yet the traffic they cause and accidents they sow very often involve the crushing of cars beneath their centipedal rubberized feet. Look inside - their metal meats always contain a prize!

  9. Disturbance detected! Will you turn your back to this grave plight? The pale men have many uses for the shriveled husks of those long lost.

  10. Come, sweetling, spread your wings! Take flight! Take flight! There are many places to be and many things to see. Do not deny your inner needs!

Blue Mountain

  1. In a very mysterious place, there are large creatures who growl as I walk by. A little intimidating at first but I know they aren’t here to hurt me. I have helped them before. I am in a pretty safe place amongst the totems and trees. If I don’t move, nothing will spot me, or hurt me.

  2. I hear a soft hiss every now and then, very subtle. I am not sure if that is from the past or present. In a place where I can travel through time, I am confused whether I am hearing current sounds, or the echoes of the past. It’s a little scary so I found a little spot to hide away, at least for now.

  3. Where there is no name, I have found a safe place. There are some weird looking humans around, not sure what the masks are for. Will I catch something? I’m sure I can escape on one of the vehicles passing by, cross your fingers that I get out of here safely.

  4. I am not sure how I ended up in this position. It’s dark here, maybe it’s the trees that that cover the light from the sky. I attempted to climb up and get out of here, but got stuck. I’m getting wet and I don’t like it. If you could give me a hand and get me out of this mess, I’d much appreciate it. I am not sure if these humans are dead, or alive.

  5. Ok, I am tired of water. I was getting soaked, so I managed to get onto what appears to be the shore off a small inlet. There are some large, slimy and extremely creepy looking things that are sticking out of the ground and waving around. I am not sure of they belong to the monsters that roam the area, either way, I would like to leave. A rescue would be much appreciated.

  6. The tentacles are here also? I thought I got away from them? I had to hide, they scared me and now I can’t get out! There are some larger than life monsters with really big claws wandering around.I have dodged a few but I am not sure when my luck will run out. I am protected, for now. I will wait for you in here.

  7. Off the North coast, west of a very pretty cove, I thought I was safe here. All I see are what I believe to be humans, or they once were? I tried to get in, but it seems it is boarded up. I hope I don’t catch what the yellow guys have. I have enough of my own problems at the moment.

  8. all this running has made me hungry. I found a place to grab a snack but this area, although safer than the previous, still has me worried. Don’t ask me how, but I got up here away from the potential dangers. Problem is now, I can’t get down. I plan on using this smoke to SOS, if you see it, come get me!

  9. what are these nests? They are making some weird sounds as they move. The winged creatures zooming by are very scary. I found a place below that will protect me, for now. The sounds of the river are quite soothing actually, it mostly masks the sounds of the creatures, mostly. That doesn’t mean I would like to stay here, come help me!

  10. These men who wear black are more intimidating than the monsters. I managed to get out of there, but didn’t get far. Considering I am quite vulnerable, I am worried about this guy who seems to be feeding on one of the men in black. There are computers here, maybe I’ll send an email to a friend who can come rescue me. “Hello friend, come help me, watch the lasers, you can get hurt”

Scorched Desert

  1. a bank, a lock, a getaway vehicle
  2. east of glory, where they gathered to goggle
  3. enjoy a hot rock massage on your vacation
  4. below and above the tyrant, how can both be true?
  5. the third wednesday was a thirsty one
  6. an international treat, one scoop please!
  7. sights to last a lifetime! why not send a postcard?
  8. above the trap for those that look up, these burning bushes speak to no one
  9. the dr is in, his patients are out, what remains to be seen?
  10. when you are AT the right place try the coffee

Shadowy Forest

  1. north of heart break, south of sausage, you’re bound to find it
  2. spoils of marshy shores at your ruddy fingertips
  3. left boot hill 10-8 to hell
  4. don’t fall down the stairs, you might damned fall forever
  5. in front of a living pauper? no. quite the opposite.
  6. the biggest NOPE you’ve ever seen
  7. going to need a ladder to wash all these dishes… i wonder whats in the box?
  8. Silviu’s little helper doesn’t trust banks
  9. In Brendan Grace’s #1 hit
  10. they died of thirst surrounded by water

Savage Coast


1 Dormant lies nature’s industrious little workers in the season for sleep. Yet endlessly do the leaves fall, denying the forest it’s rest. Far across the river lies knowledge of the truth. Listen! Is that a straw man come to tend the flock?

2 Pack your blanket, settle your affairs. Sunscreen won’t save you from damnation, but dipping your toes in frigid foam soothes the burns, does it not?

3 Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on. From here we see the crimson way wending to your doom. Beware the foreign invaders!

4 If you tire of this hunt, perhaps there is a place to stay. Friendly locals can always help you find the way.

5 Look over there! No, over there! From here I can see far, but our prize is hidden near. I wonder who left it, did they not want it anymore?

6 What makes the honey so sweet, sweetling? Is it the pollen found in impossible places? Clever craftsmen created curves to hide the source of our sacred geometries.

7 Laughter lingers, but sorrow lasts longest. Come and see the sights with me! Ride the rides and play the games. Tomorrow will never come for you.

8 Flitting about and playing the wing, we see opponents pitch and run. Ah, but will they make a pit stop?

9 When they came in great ships, they brought much with them. Swords and furs and hopes and dreams. Some things still lie hidden in the first footfalls. Tread carefully.

10 Deep and dark, moist and many legged. Queen and royalty would never be caught dead in this place, and yet still skittering susurrations sing.

Besieged Farmlands

  1. Initiate King James Protocol. The code is 1 and 18. The password is “Ecclesiastes.” Transmit!

Sorrowful calls await the fall. Plumes of ash and plumes most black. Why don’t you ever call back?

  1. Consider the protect-and-defend protocols: violence to those who defy and valiance to those wards in its watchful eye. In the safety of a guardian’s embrace, a hug like this tastes so sweet.

  2. Sometimes, just sometimes, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Are you scared, sweetling? Through the veil you must prevail!

  3. Will you speak for the trees? Cells scream at the horrors they have seen! Adjust your meat mind frequency. Listen well but look away. Our particle wings tear - we cannot stay!

  4. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how they wondered what you are! Up above and so below, your fusion sparks a striving goal. Light the traveller, bring the dark, your bright pulse will hit its mark!

  5. Toxic love dilutes and pollutes in quanta abuse per million parts. It breaks our electromagnetic hearts! Concentrate and stem flow. Gaia will know.

  6. Up, down, and in between, can you see where we have been? Splintered thoughts and shattered ways cannot stop your sweetling sway. You’ll agree if you return our gaze.

  7. All things cost something, even in the twilight of a place long lost. Here the ground is abrupt. Its geometries shear! Those that wished this place protected through pseudo-partzufim have long forgotten what lies along the periphery.

In you, O Sweetling, we spy the will to aspire high. As they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

  1. See how the mighty have fallen. Their observations are without contemplation. Straddle the precipice just out of sight and leave what precedes. Cover with ease and follow our lead!

  2. Do you know the shelf life of honey? Were you wise like the owl, you would know the variables large and small that take effect. Were you clever like the raven, you would know what to do to keep decay at bay. Were you rapt as the hawk, you would know where it is at all times and never lose track of its sweetened timeline.

Being akin to one is hard enough. Eh, sweetling?